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Thin Thursday January 15, 2009

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So here it is.  The big announcement I alluded to on Tuesday.  Thursdays will forever be known as Thin Thursdays.  I will be posting Thin Thursdays on both blogs because I need the accountability.  I am parlaying Thin Thursday with 21 days in order to achieve the maximum results.  You will realize that 21 days will have to change…. every 21 days.  The goal is to incorporate new healthy and fun habits into your life.  (and if you want to know yes the cardio is going fab.)

Well where should we start? Oh you want to know how much I weigh?  Dream on.  I am ashamed of my weight so we are not focusing on the actual number.  We are focusing on the total amount lost.  Let the word FATASS represent my weight.  Each week there will be a +1/-1 whatever on my weight.  I may never tell you what I way.  I hate what I weigh and I have friends reading this thing!  A girl has to have a little privacy.

Lets move on to the weigh-in

Ah FATASS.  Just what I expected.  Now I am not combating my fatassedness alone.  I have a fat doctor who I will begin seeing on Monday to aid in my weight-loss.  Now when I say fat doctor I do not mean she is overweight.  She specifically deals with weight issues and guess what- is a real doctor.  Not one of those weight loss centers that make you take B12 shots and drink shakes.  A real doctor.  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  Keep up with my weight loss and give me feedback.