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Grace in Small Things part 4 of 365 January 5, 2009

  1. A Raven Wildcard victory!
  2. Petting my cats and seeing how content they are and happy to have a loving home.
  3. Dying my hair red just because I can.
  4. Bare Escentuals makeup.

This exercise really is reminding me that it’s the little things that matter, not so much the bigger more difficult things in life.  If I have my health, family, friends, and cats then I will be ok.


Dear Blog, January 2, 2009

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No I don’t hate you at all. I love you. I am sorry that I am treating you like a bastard child. You see my new blog is supposed to help me make money. I hope you understand. I am not doing this on purpose. You have been with me for years. I am not giving up on you at all. You hold all of my secrets from years ago. Just look at the archives. It’s amazing. Please understand that I will be on the other blog more frequently, but you were my first. You will still get to know the good stuff, like how much I weigh and what my next fitness adventure will be. You complete me blog.


Its New Years Eve And I’m Still Sick December 31, 2008

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Seriously, just a super fast morning update before I hit the shower.  I have been sick for over a week.  Do you know why?  Because some dick found it necessary to come into work while he knowingly was sick and he KNEW he was contagious.  I catch colds pretty easily.  I just got over being sick for 3 weeks.  I got to be healthy for 2 weeks and sick again.  Shit.  LISTEN TO ME: You are not a “trooper” when you come to work sick.  In fact, if I were in charge if you had sick time and your ass rolled into work sick I would force you to go home.  He did have sick time.  Me- I don’t.  I’m new.  I’ve only been there a year.  This is just one more thing to add to my bitch fest…..

On a lighter and much more fun note I am meeting up with some friends at Foga De Chao for dinner tonight.  I can’t wait.  I looked at their website and it’s ultimate food porn.  I get hungry just thinking about it.  Now if I only wasn’t sick I could enjoy it…..

PS stop by  later today.  I will tell all about the saddest day in my marriage thus far.

Sorry for the lack of linking.  My linking skills are sub par and it appears there is something wrong with the way I am linking so I will have to read up on it.


I am glad… December 30, 2008

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I am glad 2008 is coming to an end.  It was a tough year for Scotty and me.  I can only hope that 2009 will bring much, much more joy.  We are heading in the right direction.  Scotty has a new job, we were super spoiled for Christmas (more on that in the next paragraph) and that put us in a great mood.  So far the luck is going pretty well.  A $50 scratch off winner, a super clean house, great friends and family….  I am truly blessed in that category.  Without my family and friends I would be so lost.

Well for Christmas I was totally and completely spoiled.  First my mom and dad went way overboard with the Bronco paraphernalia.  Scott got everything from Bronco blankets to Bronco shoes.  I even got this cute Bronco scarf.  I got a PDA, which I’m not sure about using.  I am afraid of them I think.  I use the old pen and paper route.  I think if I force myself then I might like it.   There were clothes galore.   After we finished opening our gifts my parents surprised me with the vacuum I wanted.  Then they blind folded us and took us into another room where surprise!  a Sony Bravia TV, Blu-ray player, and 5.1 surround sound system.  It was the biggest gift we’ve ever received.  We didn’t expect much because my parents always do so much for us, but we were totally spoiled.  Oh and my mom also go me a day at the spa!  My uncle gave me a Nintendo DS.  I actually can’t wait to play.  I am going to get a solitaire game and play for hours!  And the cat game.  Our very good friends Chris and Amy gave us $100 to spend in WalMart.  I know I am getting a DS game plus a new hair dryer.

As I said totally spoiled!!!!


Don’t forget December 29, 2008

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To bookmark me at  I am focusing on being frugal today!


I’m not a mommy blogger…. December 23, 2008

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Then what am I.  I am happily married.  I do speak of my fitness and weight loss goals on here, but I also speak of my life goals as well.  The purpose of this blog was to see if I could find any other professional women out there who share the same issues as me.  I chose not to have kids.  It’s my choice.  I made this decision a long time ago.  That’s not to say I hate kids.  To the contrary.  I love them.  I’m just not mommy material.  As for a fitness blog,  I really really try.  But my exercise routine is boring.  And my eating is shit.  I can’t even calculate the amount of calories I obliterated yesterday.  I mean it’s the Christmas season.  My vendors just love to stop by with chocolate covered almonds and cookies, cakes, chocolate covered pretzels.  The list goes on.  And who wants to do my routine.  I ran for 1.5 miles then took an hour pilates class.  Whoopie.  I’m no fitness expert.  I’m overweight, but still a good runner.  I’m lovable.  But irritated too.  I’m dealing with job insecurities, my husbands job loss- but now has matriculated into a job!  So what am I?   A married without children, happy-go- lucky, late 20’s professional purchasing and inventory control, life, goals oriented, beer loving, runner, friendly blogger?  Who knows.  I am still trying to figure my life out!  It’s cold outside.  Better bundle up.


Ahh Morning Green Tea is Mighty Tastey December 16, 2008

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Today is the third workday after the big paycut announcement.  Of course the reality hasn’t sunk in yet because the pay cut hasn’t gone into effect yet.  I can tell you one thing.  I go to work and the disappointment is smeared on my face.  I have difficulty doing my job because I’ve been asked to do twice as much for $10,000 a year less.  I suppose I should shut up because a lot of people don’t have jobs, but I can’t pay my bills as is.  Do you think that a pay cut will help?

I am going to stop bitching about work and the paycut.  I promise.  This is the last day.  Hopefully one of my prospects will come through and I’ll be saying “Adios!” to these bitches.

On a lighter note last night was great at the gym except well… I messed up Scotty’s ear buds.  He wasn’t too pissed because he FINALLY got a little bit of work.  He worked about  6 hours last night and he is scheduled for 8 hours every day until further notice.  And  lets be honest…. with his job further notice can be Friday.  He hasn’t worked for them since the beginning of October.  I don’t’ care.  It’s a paycheck and we are broke.

Back to the gym.  I ran 1 mile and walked 1.  Then pilates for an hour.  It’s fun to workout with Gina.  The time flies by.  Court was there too working with a personal trainer.  Michelle (Don’t you love how I am introducing a whole cast of characters that no one knows?) got the info on Fitsense.  Our friend Kelly is going there and man she looks good.  I am letting Michelle take the lead on this.  Doctor controlled weight loss scares me a little.  I mean the pills, the shakes, the bad food.  I would rather just exercise, which is funny because most people hate exercise.  I don’t.  I’m just a food fatty.  I can’t give up 90% of my food indulgences.  Well french fries.  I rarely eat them.  Otherwise.  I have no control.  They say food is a big part so if I can get that straight I’ll be golden!

Tonight is all running.  I am trying for 3 miles.