The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

So… January 3, 2012

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I haven’t blogged in a while.  I can’t even tell myself I am a real blogger.  I just jumped on the bandwagon after the world of blogging caught on fire.  I don’t even follow anyone anymore.  I don’t read my blogroll.  I’m on Facebook.  That’s pretty much it.  The layout of this thing sucks.  I know it’s just a blip on the world of the internet.  And I really don’t want to be well known.  I just want to make a record whether it be a quick note or a long post.  See… Mr. N00bs and I are going to join the reboot and reboot our system.  It involves juicing and that’s pretty much it for now.  After watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead it was inspiring and scary.   I want a new life- one where I am not depressed, angry, and laying on the couch all of the time.  Therefore we reboot and start anew.



I’m ashamed… June 24, 2009

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I weigh THAT much.  I don’t know what to do.  I’ve lost all control of my eating.


Don’t forget December 29, 2008

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To bookmark me at  I am focusing on being frugal today!


I’m not a mommy blogger…. December 23, 2008

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Then what am I.  I am happily married.  I do speak of my fitness and weight loss goals on here, but I also speak of my life goals as well.  The purpose of this blog was to see if I could find any other professional women out there who share the same issues as me.  I chose not to have kids.  It’s my choice.  I made this decision a long time ago.  That’s not to say I hate kids.  To the contrary.  I love them.  I’m just not mommy material.  As for a fitness blog,  I really really try.  But my exercise routine is boring.  And my eating is shit.  I can’t even calculate the amount of calories I obliterated yesterday.  I mean it’s the Christmas season.  My vendors just love to stop by with chocolate covered almonds and cookies, cakes, chocolate covered pretzels.  The list goes on.  And who wants to do my routine.  I ran for 1.5 miles then took an hour pilates class.  Whoopie.  I’m no fitness expert.  I’m overweight, but still a good runner.  I’m lovable.  But irritated too.  I’m dealing with job insecurities, my husbands job loss- but now has matriculated into a job!  So what am I?   A married without children, happy-go- lucky, late 20’s professional purchasing and inventory control, life, goals oriented, beer loving, runner, friendly blogger?  Who knows.  I am still trying to figure my life out!  It’s cold outside.  Better bundle up.


T minus 5 weeks November 12, 2008

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Well.  Haven’t written in a while.  Last week was my birthday so I was totally preoccupied with that.  I have added yoga and pilates into my workout.  I do both once a week.  Today the abs are aching.  I am meeting some girls for dinner tonight.  (Thank you Applebees gift card).  I will have to work out prior to dinner, which will suck.  I haven’t really lost any weight, but I can run 3 miles lol.  Not very fast though.  It’s just tough to go back and forth from outside to treadmill.  I run so much faster outside.  But with the scary cold and dark… I only get 3 days to actually run outside.  Fridays if I book it home I can make it with light.  Saturdays and Sundays really are my only choices.  I just need to work on mental preparedness.  There are some major issues that I don’t want to divulge to my 4 blog readers that is weighing on my mind.  I really need to take care of some things and that is making it hard to focus.  These are the types of things that are not life or death physically but emotionally, mentally, and financially.  So we’ll see what happens.


T minus 7 weeks to go October 27, 2008

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I ran a ton last week.  When I think of how easy it was to do it and how dedicated I’ve become I smile a bit.  If you would go back in time 10 years to 17 going on 18 year old Mrs. Anubis and asked me to run- Ha!.  You would have gotten laughed at-in your face.  When Mr. Anubis proposed to me I decided I needed to look good for the big day and started the running.  Now with the help of trainer Erik setting goals for me I am running at my best.  If I would have attempted this on my own, I wouldn’t push myself the way I have.  Erik has opened my eyes to challenging my body.  I have 7 more weeks of no drinking and snacks.  It will be interesting.


She Runs October 22, 2008

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That’s right.  Mrs. Anubis runs.  She runs a lot.  She likes to run.  But Mrs.  Anubis of the past that lady never ran.  High School Mrs. Anubis hated to run.  Little Mrs. Anubis never ran.  Why is grown up Mrs.  Anubis a runner.  Who the hell knows.  I think it had to do with a wedding, and losing more weight for it.  Oh and a busy life.  Mrs.  Anubis went to community college straight from high school IN ADDITION TO working full time.  Mrs. Anubis continued to work full time after she received her associates degree, but realized that she needs to add exercise.  Nevermind that Mrs.  Anubis is working full time at her day job, working full time at a theatre, dancing 3 days a week, and doing lots of theatrical productions.  What is the fastest way to burn some calories.  Run fat ass run….  Mrs.  Anubis always stayed true to the running.  She even added another challenge, finishing her bachelor’s degree, in addition to everything else.  Wow Mrs.  Anubis is very motivated.  Mrs.  Anubis loves a challenge.  Well….  Mrs.  Anubis also runs for another reason.  To run off stress.  Mrs.  Anubis’ boss thinks she lacks motivation and initiative.  Mrs.  Anubis was angry but did not speak out of turn to bossman.  (Even though Mrs.  Anubis wanted to tell bossman he is an arrogant prick who doesn’t know shit and Oh his company is very sexist and Oh don’t forget your company is doing things illegal and Oh you can’t have different sets of rules for different people.  This is not 1963 so no labor laws say no you can’t)  Mrs.  Anubis needed to run after she heard that.  In addition Mrs.  Anubis got involved with several recruiters in order to end this daily madness.  Bah!  Mrs.  Anubis is just irritated thinking about her boss.  But it’s OK.  Mrs.  Anubis has a plan.  Mrs.  Anubis always finishes what she starts.  All of this running is good for Mrs.  Anubis’ 5k in December.  Hopefully Mrs.  Anubis will wow everyone who thinks differently of her running ability AKA her parents who think she is full of shit.  GRRRRRRR  I am grumpy..  I mean Mrs.  Anubis is grumpy.