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21 days January 13, 2009

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There have been studies showing that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Why on Earth would anyone want to create a habit you ask? Think about good habits-exercise, drinking more water, eating one extra serving of vegetables a day. You want to get yourself in the habit of incorporating these types of things automatically into your daily life. Many even use the 21 days to create a new habit to replace an old habit.

My 21 days will focus on cardio exercise. Why cardio specifically? I have small weights at home where I get a little strength in every day. Nothing major, but enough to have a quick toning workout. I do 30 pushups every morning and planks as well. My goal is vanity. I want to look hawt. I am overweight, but surprisingly in pretty good shape. I enjoy running, therefore my goal is to do some type of running/walking for an hour everyday for 21 days. According to research, the fastest way to lose weight is an hour of cardio per day. Hopefully it will turn into a habit. This is a prequel to something that will be unveiled on Thursday (Thanks Kelly !)