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Grace in Small Things parts 1-3 of 365 January 3, 2009

Filed under: Grace In Small Things — mdmnore88 @ 9:12 pm

I am three days late getting to the grace in small things exercise, so I will combine the first three days of the year.

  1. My coffee was super yummy today.  I don’t even know why.
  2. I spend a great Friday night with some old and dear friends just playing Rock Band and gossiping.
  3. I made my famous and delicious tuna salad and my honey enjoyed it.
  4. We celebrated New Years out at a restaurant.  A first for us.
  5. I have some of the yummiest smelling candles burning!
  6. I have a meeting with a recruiter on Wednesday and I feel this will be the start of something amazing.
  7. Although the holidays are over, I am listening to Sheryl Crow’s Christmas album in order to squeeze out just a little more holiday cheer.
  8. I have 3 magazines to read and some time at the gym coming up!
  9. I have some of the best and sweetest cats who love to nap with me.
  10. I have an awesome husband who is so supportive of my writing.

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