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Ahh Morning Green Tea is Mighty Tastey December 16, 2008

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Today is the third workday after the big paycut announcement.  Of course the reality hasn’t sunk in yet because the pay cut hasn’t gone into effect yet.  I can tell you one thing.  I go to work and the disappointment is smeared on my face.  I have difficulty doing my job because I’ve been asked to do twice as much for $10,000 a year less.  I suppose I should shut up because a lot of people don’t have jobs, but I can’t pay my bills as is.  Do you think that a pay cut will help?

I am going to stop bitching about work and the paycut.  I promise.  This is the last day.  Hopefully one of my prospects will come through and I’ll be saying “Adios!” to these bitches.

On a lighter note last night was great at the gym except well… I messed up Scotty’s ear buds.  He wasn’t too pissed because he FINALLY got a little bit of work.  He worked about  6 hours last night and he is scheduled for 8 hours every day until further notice.  And  lets be honest…. with his job further notice can be Friday.  He hasn’t worked for them since the beginning of October.  I don’t’ care.  It’s a paycheck and we are broke.

Back to the gym.  I ran 1 mile and walked 1.  Then pilates for an hour.  It’s fun to workout with Gina.  The time flies by.  Court was there too working with a personal trainer.  Michelle (Don’t you love how I am introducing a whole cast of characters that no one knows?) got the info on Fitsense.  Our friend Kelly is going there and man she looks good.  I am letting Michelle take the lead on this.  Doctor controlled weight loss scares me a little.  I mean the pills, the shakes, the bad food.  I would rather just exercise, which is funny because most people hate exercise.  I don’t.  I’m just a food fatty.  I can’t give up 90% of my food indulgences.  Well french fries.  I rarely eat them.  Otherwise.  I have no control.  They say food is a big part so if I can get that straight I’ll be golden!

Tonight is all running.  I am trying for 3 miles.


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