The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Merry F’ing Christmas December 12, 2008

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December 5, 2007 I lost my job at Empire Today.  I finished out the year, and got a severance package.  Hey they even gave me a camera.  It was nice.  I made some great friends, who I even still keep in touch with and I felt a part of an acomplished group.  I didn’t lose my job for lack of performance or poor performance.  The entire Home Improvement department across the country was eliminated.  Well this year guess what happened?  My new job (hopefully my former job soon) decided to give everyone a huge paycut, but you do get one day off a week.  That translates to $10,000 per year for me.   So essentially I’m already in debt to the neck up and now I don’t have my entire salary to help.

Let’s recap

  • Mr Anubis and I are in the process of filing bankruptcy
  • Mr Anubis has been out of work for 13 months
  • We’ve DRAINED all of our savings INCLUDING our 401Ks in an attempt to stay afloat.
  • We owe my parents thousands of dollars and his parents $1500 (which kills me I hate that I owe them anything)
  • He owes his best friend money since before I even met him, but Mr A’s friend hasn’t made a big deal about it.
  • Our house is old and falling apart.
  • I’ve only lost 16lbs in 9 months and I’ve gained like 5 of that back from my stress eating.
  • My parents buy our groceries and buy us things when we can’t afford them, including clothes for me.
  • We already run a $500 deficit every month with our bills.
  • NOW YOU WANT TO TAKE $10,000 more of my money

What the fuck do you want from me?  Why is it that every time it looks up just a little I get pushed down even more?  Thank God I have a good business network.  I have a new and improved job in the works.  Whish me some fucking luck already.


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