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Now we’re in trouble…….

T minus 5 weeks November 12, 2008

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Well.  Haven’t written in a while.  Last week was my birthday so I was totally preoccupied with that.  I have added yoga and pilates into my workout.  I do both once a week.  Today the abs are aching.  I am meeting some girls for dinner tonight.  (Thank you Applebees gift card).  I will have to work out prior to dinner, which will suck.  I haven’t really lost any weight, but I can run 3 miles lol.  Not very fast though.  It’s just tough to go back and forth from outside to treadmill.  I run so much faster outside.  But with the scary cold and dark… I only get 3 days to actually run outside.  Fridays if I book it home I can make it with light.  Saturdays and Sundays really are my only choices.  I just need to work on mental preparedness.  There are some major issues that I don’t want to divulge to my 4 blog readers that is weighing on my mind.  I really need to take care of some things and that is making it hard to focus.  These are the types of things that are not life or death physically but emotionally, mentally, and financially.  So we’ll see what happens.


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