The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Housecleaning October 18, 2008

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So for my 2 readers out there I wanted to point out I did some housecleaning.  I have a new theme, but I also consolidated all of my blogs from MySpace and Livejournal to this one.  Now I have everything in one neat package!  I haven’t had breakfast yet, but I am eying up that fat free eggo in my freezer.  Today I will be running.  Period.  Just a mile.  It’s more of a scientific experiment.  I never paid attention to how long it takes me to run a mile.  Anything I say is really a guess based on how long it took me to do whatever in 3 miles.  Basically this experiment is to just get my time.  I have good songs to do it.  I’m going to the college track instead of my former high school to avoid any humiliation from 15 year olds.  But I may have to settle for what I can get depending on if there are football games scheduled.

Thank you to my readers.  Go ahead and browse.  There is always talk of food and exercising, but lots of fun pieces of my life.  If you go through 2005 you will read about wedding planning and things involved there.



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