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Meet the newest member of our family September 4, 2008

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This is Audrey.

We finally decided to get another kitty for Scotty since his passed away.  We found Audrey on the Anne Arundel County SPCA website.  She is really loving her new home.  Audrey was sent back to the SPCA 2 times!  I don’t know why because she is a sweetie.  She is the only one of the kitties who lets me even brush her without a fight.  She is gentle and yes a tortoiseshell cat like Bastice was only….. she is not mean.  Audrey has a lot of the same facial expressions Bastice did and she acts very much like a tortoiseshell cat, but she has been so well socialized through the shelter and her former owners which gives her a great personality.  We’ve only had her a few weeks, but we are in love!  We wanted to adopt a cat that really deserved the attention we give our pets.  Audrey was it.  Not only was she a tortoiseshell (which we were specifically looking for) but she had been in the shelter since May.  I felt so bad that she had to stay in that little cage for almost 5 months that she instantly was the one for us.  Please welcome Audrey the next time you are at our house. (ps yes I know she looks almost exactly like Bastice, only Audrey has a little brown paw that I call her Michael Jackson glove lol)




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