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Well, everyone else is doing it…. July 1, 2008

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SO why not me? New blog. I’m not articulate. I’m not a creative writer. I’m just here for visual support and evidence of my trials and tribulations. It’s been said that in order to truly achieve your goal you have to visualize it. What better way to visualize a goal then….. you guessed it write it down. Right now zero readers is fine with me. I’m trying to organize my crazy ass brain. Maybe unloading some of the mental baggage onto a computer screen will allow me to sleep at night.

One goal that has been plaguing me since- forever- is weight loss. Currently down 10lbs, since February. I realize that slow and steady win the race, but what am I a sloth? In addition to the weightloss goal the “Lets get in shape girl!” goal rears it’s ugly head. I used to be able to run, skip, leap, and dance for hours. I WAS a dancer. In great shape and capable of amazing things with my body. You would never guess that with this body. Right now my body is “built for comfort, not for speed.” Either way I have committed myself to a 5k run in December. 5 months to get in shape for a near 3 mile run. Fucking sweet. If I train properly, I will lose weight in the interim. That means bye bye fat ass and hello speed racer.

My personal body goals for 2008

  • Lose 40lbs
  • Run a 5K
  • Quit Smoking

Goals for my home

  • Save money for central air
  • Save money for replacement windows
  • Install tin ceiling in my kitchen
  • Repaint kitchen and take down wallpaper
  • Remove remaining wallpaper boarder in upstairs hallway
  • Paint upstairs hallway
  • Repair wallpaper in bathroom and recaulk
  • Repair front porch roof and replace with new shingles
  • Clean Gutters
  • Repaint front porch
  • Repair front porch steps
  • Install new indoor outdoor carpet on front porch
  • Replace wood garden boarders with new brick
  • Get bay window wood replaced and have it wrapped

Financial goals (once Scott starts working again… God my life sounds like a country song)

  • Build up a savings account
  • Invest in a Roth IRA
  • Starting in January join company 401K
  • Create savings for home improvements

One Response to “Well, everyone else is doing it….”

  1. sunshinebuttercup Says:

    Hey, I’m reading your blog! I’m with you on trying to do the visualization thing for weight loss. And everything else.

    Those are some great, concrete goals you have going on. I’m going to take inspiration from you and write up some of my own. 🙂


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