The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

My Grandfather May 18, 2008

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Thank you everyone who sent kind words or visited during my grandfather’s funeral.  For those who didn’t know, my grandfather passed away on May 12th.  The last week has been hard on the family, but everyone came together, shared great stories, and their love for a wonderful man.  He was a special part of everyone’s life.  I can’t even begin to describe the love he and I shared my whole life.  He never missed a show, dance recital, or any important event in my life or anyone’s life.  He was a wonderful, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, etc…  I am happy to have had him for so long.  And I am glad he was able to see many milestones in my life.  I will miss you Poppy and I love you very much.  Thank you again everyone for your love and support.


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