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Bastice March 27, 2008

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I don’t know if I’ve told everyone, but my cat Bastice has been really sick since December.  She was at one time almost 20 lbs and now barely weighs 5.  She is basically starving to death because she can’t keep food down.  Scott and I have decided that it is time to put her down.  Scott and I love her very much, but she is very close to her daddy.  Scotty is devastated.  She will be missed.  Tomorrow afternoon she will be leaving us.  Please keep her in your thoughts.  For those of you who hate cats or think it’s crazy to be sad over an animal leave your comments to yourself.  Scott and I treat our cats like children and enjoy their companionship and love.  I will miss my Big Kitty.


Azrael March 18, 2008

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I wake up this morning after a peaceful sleep and find the sweetest little baby boy kitty curled up in my arms.  Of my three cats, he is by far the most cuddly. Abigail is a sweet girl, but she has never slept like that on me. When she was a baby every once in a while she would sleep on my pillow next to my head.  Abbey does not sit on my lap or cuddle with me.  She sits right next to me or on the floor by my feet.  We all know how evil Bastice is.  She doesn’t pay me no mind unless Scotty is not around and even then after she is finished getting the love she needs, she will attack me just to let me know who is boss.  The reason I bring up the sweet temperment of Azzy is because he was cast off by his original owners.  Azzy was thrown out of a moving truck right in front of my house.  I heard him crying outside so I ran outside with food, coaxed him into the home, and fed him.  He was very underweight but still so sweet.  Scott and I were not going to keep him but he immediatly made his presence known.  Now I have the boy follow me everywhere.  What a sweet little soul.  Not all abused animals turn into mean violent animals.  I hear terrible stories every day of owners abusing their pets.  You have a choice to keep and raise a pet.  If you can’t do it or if you don’t love your animal someone like me (who collects cats lol) will take care of your animal.  Let someone adopt your animal.  Don’t be selfish and ruin your animals life.  Please be kind to animals.