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My Life… December 19, 2007

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Well… My life is a little sad right now. I haven’t updated anything in a long time because it’s been sad and crazy. I updated myspace with what is going on but not here. Scott lost his job in November. Which hit us hard. What hit us even harder was I found out December 5th that I will also be losing my job. My last day is January 4th… Basically we’re screwed. I do get a little severance but not much. Scott did get another job but doesn’t start until December 27th. Merry Fucking Christmas right? In addition to that, we’ve had several deaths. One of my closest friends passed away. Tina and I didn’t see each other much because she lived so far away but I loved her still the same :). It was very sudden and I miss her so much. Then my uncle passed away after a long battle with cancer. What hit me the most was Connie, my sister in law. She wasn’t the crack head sister in law. She and I shared the same niece and nephew. Connie had breast cancer and battled for 13 years. In a way it was peaceful, her death, but so sad. The death of Connie hit Scott and I like a ton of bricks. She was only 38. Left a 5 year old son and a wonderful husband. Connie was so concerned with leaving her son that she wrote out all of his birthday cards up to age 21, a graduation card, a wedding card, and Christmas cards. She was such a strong woman. She will be missed. Well sorry for the sad entry and lack of entries, but now that I have time on my hands I will update more. I have to get my diet back on track and since I have more time to update I can monitor my food as well. Miss all of you.


My life… December 7, 2007

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I haven’t talked to anyone in a while, so I wanted to update everyone.  It’s been a rough few months.  I had a very close friend pass away in September.  Then a week ago my uncle passed away and Scott’s sister in law.  To top all of that off Scott lost his job the day after my birthday!  Finally I just found out on Wednesday I will not have a job by the end of the year.  Life is hitting us pretty hard so if I haven’t called or haven’t been in a great mood, you know why!  I love you all.