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High School November 7, 2007

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For some crazy reason I got the brilliant idea that I should look through my high school yearbooks.  I really enjoyed the Senior section where we all wrote our ambitions and goodbyes.  According to mine I was to go into sports medicine.  Who knew?  Anyway it is interesting to see that so much has changed yet so much stayed the same.  I love my friends and even if we didn’t get our future career and family goals we still have each other.  Think about it… 10 years ago (longer for some like my husband… 20 years out of high school)  we didn’t have a clue.  I still don’t think I do!  So maybe in the spirit of high school I should write my goals out.

1 Get my master’s degree.  I’ve chosen a school I start summer 2008 it will be the University of Maryland
2 Get a job that doesn’t require me to be up at the butt fucking crack of dawn.  which leads to 3…
3 Get back in shape.  Ever since I started Empire my workout routine has been thrown upside down, not to mention my eating habits.  I can only get up so early so the gym is out and normally I stay at work for 11 hours and work through lunch.  That equals a girl who lives off of coffee, water, and whatever shit that people bring in like doughnuts
4 In lieu of the recent proposal of a tax hike on cigarettes I think I am really going to quit.  Plus I said I would be done by the time I am 30.
5 Start dancing again and on a regular basis at a place that offers me a challenge and not constant drama.  Possibly University of Maryland might have something to offer me 🙂

That’s all…


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