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A great idea…. October 11, 2007

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I was looking at Arlene’s myspace tonight just checking out her new pics and I found a set from a party that she recently attended.  What makes this party fantastic was the theme, the name.  It was the I refuse to grow up party.  What a fuckin brilliant party idea.  We need to coordinate a time and place to have such a party.  Many of us (myself included) are becoming consumed with work, school, family, and life in general.  We need a simple “I don’t give a flying shit” party that we used to have every weekend.  Remember combining our cash to get the shitty cheap ass dirty thirty that we drank with pleasure.  Now you won’t even catch my ass drinking a Bud Light, I’ve become such a beer snob!  I want this party to be reminiscent of the nights in Elton’s apartment ordering subs and cases of beer from Penny’s.  I want this party to make us feel like we need to play “hey mister!” again.  I want all of us to feel like we were still living at home and spending all of our money on beer and takeout.  I want this party to take us back to a time before husbands, kids, mortgages, and bills.  That’s right we are going old school.  Only cheap ass beer, pizza, subs, and shitty food.  No catering.  No little mini quiches.    This party will indulge the senses and what the fuck I may even turn off the electric for old time’s sake!  Any thoughts?


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