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Now we’re in trouble…….

My current obsession…. September 10, 2007

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With so many things that I have to bitch about, I thought that I would take time to blog about one truly decadent guilty pleasure.  Smut.  You got it.  Dirty smutty raunchy romance novels.  In the past, I was never a smut girl.  I was more interested in Oprah’s book club or a new literary feat.    My mom and my best girl Tiffany were always smut aficionados and me I just never got hooked.  This weekend ended all of that.

I needed reading material while lounging at the pool on Saturday.  My mom being the smut enthusiast naturally only had those wonderful books available to read.  Let me tell you.  I couldn’t put the crap down.  It was like a car accident.   You know you really shouldn’t be looking at this, but something inside of you pulls your interest.  Let me tell you once you go smut you never go back.  As I lay at the pool sunning myself, oiling my body, I read almost the entire book!  I would have read more, but I got a text from my mom to tell me it was time to leave for dinner.  It was pure heaven.  My mind was not thinking.  It was being consumed by this fabulous literary piece of art.  I started to think, with all of the stressful things in my life I need a mindless indulgence.  Hey at least I’m reading right.  I can’t concentrate on anything deep right now.  I need this.  I need the dirty books like they are my drugs.  If you are wondering, the book of choice was Danielle Steel’s Rock Star.  Fabulous and wonderful mindless enjoyment!  I suggest everyone develop one guilty pleasure and this my friends would be an excellent choice.

Now my husband informed me that he has several smut books somewhere in our home.  He was once the manager of a Crown Books store, and when they went out of business he reaped the rewards.  I think years ago he may have mentioned it to me, but I just shrugged it off.  There was a time I was too good for smut.  Now I find myself wanting more.  I think it’s like heroin.  The first time you try it you are immediately hooked.  Well… Here I am!  Sign me up for the smut book of the month club.  Screw Oprah.


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