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September is a great month September 7, 2007

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I always love this time of year, when summer winds down and fall begins.  I love the fall!  I love the fall flowers, pumpkins, wine fests!  You name it.  I also love September because I was married in this month……..and because there are so many people I love who have their birthdays right around the same time.  Literally.  My dad and Sarah are one day apart.  My nephew is the 27th.

Another thing I’m loving about this September is my first Real Estate sale with Advance.  I actually settled in August, but cashed my check in September.  Real Estate is a tough business, especially when you are working another job as well and finishing up one degree just to start another.  I work at the office about twice a week trying to get sales, but it’s been really slow.  I sat last night for 3 hours and the phone did not ring at all.  I know a lot of you are going to be looking soon, so please keep me in mind when you do.  It is a lot of fun to look at houses.  I love being nosy.  Plus you would be helping out a friend.  I don’t know if all of you are aware but I only get paid when I sell a house.  I have sold one house in 5 months.  It is a really nice treat to have a sale, but I appreciate everyone’s support.  Please  let everyone know I  am a  Realtor and if you are buying call me.  I also have friends and family who are loan officers who can help you out!  My feelings would be a little hurt if any of you did not think of me and used another agent.

I’m off to the beach today.  If you need me the cell is on (both of them if you are an Empire employee).  I have more blogs to come… One about proffessionalism at work and how it sucks when your job rewards employees for bad behavior, one about M and T bank, and one about my second wedding anniversary that is coming up!  I’m sure I will also blog about next weekend which is the MD wine fest and Ms. Sarah’s birthday bash!


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