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Missy’s Thanks a Lot November 27, 2006

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Alright peeps so I am copying off of Sarah and doing my thankful list.  I was going to skip the friends, family, health stuff and go to the meat and potatoes, but I feel that it is necessary to mention them.

First, I am thankful that I am alive healthy and so friggin hot.  Yeah you heard me.

I would also like to give mad props (Noah Out to Lunch anyone?)  to my friends and family for being supportive, loving, and awesome.

I’m thankful for the house which my husband and I bought and take care of.

I’m thankful for a good credit score which allows me to have several credit cards 🙂

I would give thanks to my education, but it’s so fucking expensive that I’d rather not.  Instead I will be thankful for always having a job that pays me pretty well.

I’m thankful that I am tallented (no remarks from the peanut gallery)

My pets are my heart.  I am very thankful for some of the best kitties and my rat.

I give much thanks for football, and winning seasons.  All others will be referred to as “rebuilding years”

I am thankful for Eddie Murphy and his fabulous creation of Eddie Murphy Raw

I am thankful that I am fullfilling my goals that I’ve set to achieve before I am 30.

I am thankfurl for beer, Heineken in particular.  The Red Light District of Amsterdam, traveling through Europe, doing things that are illegal in all 50 states, and as always late nights with my friends doing what we do best…..

I am thankful for Karaoke and the many bars of Baltimore

Praise Jesus, God, Allah, Budah, the Colonel, or whoever for taxi cabs that run all night.

Last but not least (and there is more shit but it is late and I am having a block) I am really thankful to be married to my sweet but hard headed husband who does nothing but adore me and makes my days wonderful.  I love you honey.– On that note I am thankful for a comfy couch where I can sleep when Scotty snores WAY to loud.