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Now we’re in trouble…….

Friends? June 19, 2006

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I’ve noticed that I have several groups of friends. They are all great people who I love. It’s hard for me to have a get together or even keep in touch because they are all over the world. And even those who are right here in my state, I’m afraid that one group of friends does not like another group of friends. It’s tough. Sometimes I feel that I’ve made bad choices as to who are my friends. Look at Adrienne for example. She and I were such good friends and now she is petty over a little argument that we had months ago. Seriously little like arguing over where to eat for lunch. Won’t even invite me to her wedding! Plus she doesn’t have the nerve to tell me, I found out through someone else. Then the snob pretends to be friends long enough for me to give her a birthday present. I watched the little bitch grow up. Oh well shows you what type of person she really is. I wish there was a way to be friends with some people and not make other friends mad, but look at Adrienne. You never know the type of character a person has until they act out of sorts. Plus if someone is really my friend they shouldn’t care who I am friends with. Even if my friends don’t care for each other. Just don’t hang out at the same time I guess. Oh well back to work.


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