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Just bullshit May 23, 2006

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So…. everyone here has moved I’m guessing at least once in their lifetime. You know how it goes. Here I am finally getting everything put into place. So I finally sit down and look at my wedding proof CD. Granted I’ve had it since January, but with the pacing process I didn’t want to mess with it and chance losing it. My wedding was interesting to say the least. There were some fun memories such as “Here is the lovely Tiffany Lockemy escorted by Sarah Parsons” lol… I can tell you I was annoyed 99% of my wedding due to the anal raping photographer we hired. My mom has paid this company over 6 grand so far. I started looking through the pictures on my proof CD and find that not only is the CD copyrighted, but upon asking the photographer he told me a non copyrighted CD would be an additional $300. Well suck my ass! I distinctly remember the guy saying that we should be able to print off of the proof CD. Whatever. I think that the pictures Sarah, and Tiffany took allong with the cameras from the table were just as good. And I know that processing those cameras did not cost $300. Hey the photographer can’t top table 13! Do you see why I drink now? You see why every five minutes I had Kristen running to fetch me another beer at my wedding! I’m glad everyone had a blast. I’m just still annoyed with the photographer. I have to order my wedding album (which would have been done but oopsie! the photographer forgot to process my proofs back in September and I didn’t get the proofbook until like last month which had my name spelled wrong and a picture of my sister and Jimmy on the front. and I am still waiting for the new book. my mom made the photographer put the pictures back online so if anyone wants to go back to order it’s click view my picture and the code is 09172005) So, I’m sorry to anyone that I promised pictures off of the CD because like hell will I pay an additional $300 to unlock the CD. It’s bullshit. They are bullshit and if anyone needs a photographer don’t use them. I think my scrapbooks that Tiffany made are even better anyway! Besides, I think that I know someone who can hack into it for me. We’ll just see if ol’ Conte photo will keep raping me! HA!


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