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It’s official April 20, 2006

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Yes. It’s a real 10 lbs. Wow. Go me. I thought that maybe I was fluctuating but I weighed myself and I’m really down 10lbs. And that’s just with altering my eating. I am taking over Sarahs gym membership tomorrow so then I can start working out again. I’ve been doing the Xpose fitness stuff every once in a while, but with rehearsals and just misc. house stuff, I’ve haven’t gotten a chance to go. I just heard that Joel (Amok) a friend of Scott’s and mine who lives in Cali is definite. He is visiting in June. He couldn’t make the wedding so it will be great to see him. As soon as he lets me know what days I am taking off of work. Can’t wait.


Today’s thoughts of the day April 17, 2006

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Kitties are love. My little kitten Abigail is too cute and believe it or not my evil cat has started to like her. It’s only been a week. I will have to post some of the cute pictures. I also have some fab pictures from a party I went to that I will share as well. Back to Abby, she ways laying in bed with me this morning kissing me and purring. My big cat usually does that but Abigail stepped in. I’ve never had a kitten before. They are so sweet. It’s like having a baby or a little kid. She whines when she wants something. She’s always under your feet. I can’t believe how tiny she is. This weekend was ok, I mean as good to be expected since the inlaws were visiting. They were NOT staying with me! They stopped by to see the house on Saturday and Sunday we had Easter dinner with them. Then went to my moms. Saturday was the worst time to visit for my inlaws. Scott and I were doing yardwork all morning and some on Easter morning. Our yard is looking pretty good. We have more to do and we need to plant some seeds but overall it looks better. Also on Saturday we went to Travis’s first birthday party. I can’t believe Chris and Amy have a kid let alone that he’s one already! Over the weekend about 5 million people asked me when I was having one and I’m like NEVER!!! I love kids, but I just don’t feel that I am mother material. I am too interested in my own life right now. Maybe one day who knows. Scotty doesn’t care either way. I thought with him being adopted he would want one but he is content the way he is. Keep watching over the week for some new pictures that will be interesting!


Time for an update April 14, 2006

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Tomorrow will be beautiful so gardening it is. I am not a big fan, but my lawn looks like the white trash capital of the world! Tonight some shopping, groceries, yard stuff, then off to the Greene Turtle in Fells. I’m so unmotivated at work. I am calling customers and EVERYONE has left early for the day… So I am probably cutting out in about 30 minutes. I’ve just started cutting a lot of carbs from my diet. I never realized how many I ate until Kristen mentioned it to me. I’m down another 2 lbs. Which is great. Sarah is transferring her gym membership to my name so it will be sweet when I can start going there. I hate to say it, but I have so much going on I will be glad after Grease is over. It sucks too because I have a bunch of friends there I won’t be able to see as often as I do now. I need to take some summer classes to make sure I can finish up school ASAP. I want my masters so bad I can taste it. Please hit me up with comments n stuff.


A real entry…. April 5, 2006

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Of some sorts. I started my next class. Work is well work. It has it’s moments. Here is my bitching session.

I have 2 accounts. One is a joint account with Scotty, which is our regular banking account that we use every day. The other I’ve had for years, but I only kept it open because my gym membership was automatically deducted out of it every month. Well I haven’t written a check from that account in over 3 years. My Visa portion of the card only withdrawls from my joint account. Why are there charges out of my old account? There is never any money in there accept once a month for the gym. I didn’t give anyone any authorization to withdrawl from this account and someone somehow has decided to make attempts. Well now I have over $115 in overdraft fees. I called M&T and they told me they couldn’t dispute it over the phone since it wasn’t a Visa transaction. OK Fuck you too. They then told me that I had to go to the bank and fill out an affidavit of fraud. I told them I wasn’t paying any of it. They couldn’t even tell me who was trying to withdrawl not even a phone number. Listen, when I get my credit card statement for my regular credit cards they have phone numbers listed for all of the merchants. Why can’t M&T figure it out? Don’t know but I am totally not paying it. Then the Customer Service bitch told me if I keep my account in the red it will affect my credit. And I retorted with if you could give me some answers I would either pay it or dispute it. So on Friday I will be at M&T bank raising hell and probably changing to Bank of America. Which will be a pain in the ass because my mortgage is set up to automatically withdrawl every Monday after payday. So I will have to keep my accounts open until I transfer to Bank of America. I hate banks. I really hate M&T. One time I had all of these overdraft charges (again) that took my regular account into the red. Again the charges were mysterious but M&T kept giving me the $32 overdraft charge. Super. now the account was in the red and checks were bouncing. You know why everything was Fucked. Because the stupid cunt at the branch deposited mine and Scotts money into my unused account. I don’t know how it happened either because Scott’s name is not on the other account. Oh they said just transfer your money and we’ll take care of the overdraft charges. Fine. Went online tried to transfer, but since it was a hard check and not electronically deposited we had to wait a few days for the funds to clear. Finally I got a manager who totally tood responsibility and reversed the overdraft fees and in the mean time paid all of the checks written against the account. Third case. My deposit for the house was in my unused account. The real estate people were not supposed to cash it until settlement. Well they did and M&T let them cash the check for my joint account. The real estate people didn’t realize I didn’t have the funds in that account and I wasn’t going to put it into the account until settlement. M&T cashed the check, wiped my account clean, because I did have close to the amount in my account but not all of it. Then my other bills started to come out and yet again more overdraft charges. I couldn’t get out of the overdraft charges, because this time the real estate office was at fault. But why would they cash the check if all of the funds were not in that account. On top of it all the GREAT customer service with M&T talked me into changing my account to a direct checking account in order to avoid overdraft… I did that thinking that if I overdrawl for some reason I would not get the overdraft account. Well Direct Checking only works if you have a savings account and I have two checking accounts…. Fuck you very much. What they should have offered me was direct checking with a line of credit. The credit would post in case my funds were unavailable and then instead of getting overdraft fees, the line of credit would cover the overages and life would be grand. There is a monthly fee for that, but the way M&T likes to play it would be worth it. So again I’m on the phone with the customer service manager screaming. That time they knew it was their stupidity and took away all of the charges. I didn’t enroll because I was planning on changing banks. I guess I didn’t do it fast enough. The moral of this story. Don’t bank with M&T. Close your accounts and go somewhere else.


My life… April 4, 2006

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Pretty basic. Tonight Billy and Tasha are coming over. Billy is helping Scott with some man stuff around the house. Tash and I will gossip as usual! Morbid Angel is playing Jaxx on Thursday. Why are all the concerts I want to see on weeknights? I’m still trying to convince Scotty to go. Just got my grant information. Can’t wait to get the business plan rolling and start applying. I love being a minority.