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New Purpose March 19, 2006

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Everyone knows I’m mad OCD and now my weight is my new victim so here is a way for me to stay organized/motivated with my exercising. There once was a time I would not exercise less than 5 days a week. I also will post my goals for the day here so I can keep up with them and not let my ADD take over. Yes I am a psychiatric nightmare lol. On top of that I have some gnarly nocturnal problems such as night terrors and sleep eating. I thought I stopped sleep eating but Scott things I am doing it again. When I lived home I did it a lot. I must be somewhat coherent when I am doing it because I only eat cereal at night and I don’t eat in the kitchen. I bring it back into the bedroom. When I lived at home I only caught on after I woke up a few times with dishes in my room. The reason why I think I am doing it again is I found some stains on the carpet leading up the steps which leads me to believe I spilled something while bringing it up to eat. Anyhoo here are tonight’s goals. AND I CAN ONLY DO THESE NOTHING ELSE NO STAYING UP ALL HOURS TO FINISH OTHER SHIT

1) Put away the clean laundry

2) One short Firm exercise DVD
3) Schoolwork
4) Finish ironing my curtains


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