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I’m a nerd… March 17, 2006

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I’ve just realized that Avon is more evil than WalMart. I don’t know if anyone has seen the South Park episode where Walmart has the town under mind control and everyone can not stop shopping to get the deals… oooh evil Walmart. Well Avon is just as bad. I love Avon skincare products. They are very reasonable, but as you are shopping there is a little message indicator that says if you spend x amount more you will get a free gift. So I keep shopping. Then comes another message saying if you spend over $60 you get free shipping. Neat so I keep going. Finally I decide on two pricier skincare products. One is the Avon anew eye serum for upper and lower lids. That one is $28. My next purchase is the Avon Anew 2 step facial peel. That was $32. Sweet $60 exactly so free shipping. Now get this my gifts were Avon Anew night cream, Avon anew 2 in one facial wash and toner, a makeup bag with mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, eye shadow, a set of brushes, and eye liner. So now I’m contemplating my next Avon order just to get $150 of free shit. Well why am I so concerned with my face, not sure, but lately I’ve been super careful about my water intake, washing my face twice a day, and applying night and day lotions to my face. As I get older I am damned and determined to defy gravity (te hee) It’s become a new part of my OCD. For some reason I am scared that I will look terrible as I age. My mom and my grandmom aged well. Here again is hollywood and media affecting my fragile mind telling me in addition to being thin you must also have a nice looking face. I absolutely adore my products though. The two step chemical peel makes my face look great. I haven’t used it in a while and I can tell. It’s super easy to use and it’s not too harsh. There are two bottles of stuff. They are little pads soaked in the cosmetic. They sorta look like Oxy pads for acne. Well all you do is rub step one on your face wait 5 minutes and rub on step 2. It exfoliates away the dead skin and clears your pores. It’s used every other day. These have been rated #1 in lots of consumer studies.
Anyway enough vanity talk! Today is St Pattys day. No show and here I am sitting at home like a LOO HOO ZER loser. Well Scotty and I went to Damons for dinner and went to do a little shopping. He needed new shoes for work. I hope they work well for him. Well he also got a few Cd’s and a few of his metal mags. We were in FYE. Now that store is way expensive, but the one thing I love is the separate the Heavy Metal section from Rock. And they have AC/DC in Heavy Metal. Trust me they are metal. They use the metal distortion pedals. They are very different from Rock. Rock to me is like a lot of the Alternative new stuff out there on WHFS lately or staying in the same time frame like Van Halen or Def Leopard. Plus speaking of one of my Fav bands….THEY HAVE REMASTERED ALL OF THEIR ALBUMS. Oh yeah who’s getting that shit.. Me Me (as I raise my hand) I really wanted who made who remastered, but I didn’t see it. Instead you know what I bought….. Kelly Clarkson. Now I know what all ya’ll saying. WTF Metal Maiden Missy listening to Kelly.. I have a confession, I am way gay for her. Look at my hair. I stole it from her. And she stole my old blonde from me. We have that kind of connection. Little Kelly trivia. She was really poor before winning AI. When she was a kid the other kids teased her and called her Smelly Kelly. Who’s laughing now! And in other CD purchases I snatched up Flashdance. I hope one day to dance for a bar like that. You know there is a place called the Crazy Russian that has cabaret shows. Seriously they are a strip bar, but only topless and undies. But they have choreographed routines that are classy and very Cabaret-esq. I want to work there! lol
Finally in my small business ventures and bridges on the last tidbit of me… Remember xpose finesse? That is my strip exercise classes. Well I’ve decided that I want to buy into the franchise. My friend Sarah and I are in the very beginning stages of purchasing a franchise. There is one in Towson, and one in Arundle Mills. I want to open mine in Canton. It’s the perfect location. I will update on our success and if it goes through. Well now I must pay bills. YUCKY>


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