The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

And so….. March 8, 2006

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My basement still smells of the piss stench. I am giving it one more night of good ‘ol steam cleaning to work it out. If then we have no luck, it’s bye bye carpet. Thank God it’s the laundry room and not the finished part of the basement. Jeeze these fuckers were so dirty.. or Dirte such as Joe Dirte….anyway… I want to shop like WHOA. I need some new work clothes. I want to meet with a financial adviser about investing. I really want to exercise tonight since I am skipping the stripping class. Tomorrow is the pole class–sweet– I am going on two weeks of laziness, well not laziness. Last week was rehearsals, this week I am trying to finish MORE unpacking. Tonight I am taking Satan, I mean Bastice to the vets. She is due for her shots. Then I am going to ask about declawing her evil ass. Muahahahahahaaaaaaa She keeps getting nastier every day-except to Scott and only sometimes to me. My sister went to pet her and out of nowhere the crazy bitch just clawed her! Oh and tonight Scotty needs a haircut. He is starting to look like one of the Beatles, which is kinda cute 🙂 He has two options- keep the hair cut nicely or grow it out. There is no in between mop…. He can do that until I get home and take the cat to the vet. Oh shit and I have to make a Home Depot run. I need to get new vent covers for the house. I totally threw those fuckers out. The previous owners painted over them so many times they were stuck to the wall. My living room, kitchen, and dining room look nice. If I can get everything unpacked by this weekend, Scott and I can go get our dining room set. Then I can display my antique dishes… …. Ah home stuff is fun. I can’t wait to redo the bathroom. I fucking haaatttteee it right now. Jimmy, my brother in law just finished their bathroom and it looks great. I am going to ask him how much it costs him to do that and beggggg for his help since my husband is not handy like that. That is my first big project once we get settled in. Then I want Jimmy to replace the doors and windows on the house. They are really old. He said he could wrap the bay window in metal come summertime so it would look brand new. I’m just so f’ing excited about home improvements. I know that sounds real gay! Meanwhile my husband and I are going to Applebees for dinner this evening. We have to shop for new work shoes for him. His current sneakers are worn to hell. Since we have a few extra bucks I figured we really should do it now.


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