The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

My business venture March 28, 2006

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We’ll I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my new business venture, and I really don’t want to jinx it, but I can give a rough idea.  I go to Xpose Fitness for classes.  It is a neat little gym that incorporates stripping moves with pilates, yoga, and stretching.  We’ll I’ve decide to open one, but not part of the franchise.  My friend Sarah and I have been collaborating with my mom and aunt who are both business geniuses.   There it is in a nutshell.  My only goal in life is to be rich.  I really want to be rich before I am 30 and this is the way to do it.  Right now we are in the preliminary planning processes.  Trying to figure out the space we will need and get the rights to what we want our little logo to be.  It’s a lot of work but if we play our cards right we should do well.  And if this does turn out to be a fad… then we can fall back on A) tanning.  Everyone loves tanning and it would make money.  B)  Get regular pilates and yoga classes in there for those who do not want the exotic theme.  It’s still the beginning but I am optimistic.


My weekend in a nutshell March 27, 2006

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So the kids were no problem. They came to check out Grease on Friday. They had a blast with Uncle Buddy and Aunt Missy. And Uncle Buddy had to spoil them even more by giving them their birthday presents early. He got them both an ipod. And he and I as well. Scott is so cute. He is a good uncle. I know he would be a good dad too if we ever in a million years had a kid. So tonight Sarah and I are presenting our information to our families in order to start out new business venture. As everyone knows my goal is to be rich before I am 30 and this is the way to do it. I also have an interview for a purchasing position in Baltimore. I’m asking for 45k per year and they are OK with that. I hope I wow them, because I would love the extra boost in income. See theatre does teach you something- good interviewing skills! LOL.. I have so much going on. I just want to make a good life for Scott and I.


March 22 March 26, 2006

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1) Work
2) Xpose Fitness class
3) Meeting with Sarah
4) Assemble bookshelf — better be done tonight!!  and the dishes SCOTT!!!!
5) Set up bookshelf
6) Finish laundry

So I’m down 6 lbs from last week.   Who knows?  That’s what the scale says.  I don’t think I believe it.  I think it was water weight I gained anyway.  Time for breakfast.


March 23rd March 23, 2006

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-Really finish setting up books
-Put laundry away
-Find a way to make my curtains not wrinkle!
-Buy a few things at the grocery store
-Work on PPT for school
-Sort through my photos with my new Creative Memories Powersorter!

OK no exercising tonight. I did two hours at Xpose last night and I am tired. My arms and hips are through! Meeting with Sarah went fab. See everyone I will be rich before I’m 30! I don’t want to talk too much about it so I don’t jinx anything. Woke up ate oatmeal. Yummy banana. PS to anyone with curly hair. Friz Ease dream curls is love. It really makes nice curly hair.


Dealing with death… March 21, 2006

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This is really random and really morbid, but I’ve been having nightmares and serious anxious thoughts about my mom and dad or even Scott dying. One night I was dreaming that I was giving a speech at Scott’s funeral. I wake up after these dreams crying, because it’s like they are real. They are so real and so vivid. Just depressing. I just was remembering a dream from the other night and it got me all depressed. I’m not scared of death or anything. At least not of me dying. I am fully aware that I could die any day and I accept that. I can’t take it when other people die, because I know they are gone from my life forever. All that’s left are the memories. I was looking at pictures of my grandmother the other day at my Mom’s house. It was kinda neat to see her as a young lady. I mean she was never old. She died when she was 50. I do miss her. I’m sad that I never got to know her as a person. She seemed like a lot of fun. My mom and I are really close and I know my mom and grandmom were close as well. When I see my mom I see her as a person not just “mom” She and I can hang out together. Same with my dad. I wish I had that with grandma.


Goals for March 20th March 20, 2006

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1) Work
2) Xpose Fitness 5pm class
3) Scrapbooking party
4) Murphy’s wood soap cleaner for fan and dresser
5) Laundry

6) Finish homework

Ok so I didn’t get any exercise in yesterday.  What a fat fuck I am.  See Scotty was right.  I did used to exercise and now look at me……Oh fuck.  Whatever.  I’m trying to do too much as usual

I took 4 and 5 off of the list because I know I will need time to finish my homework after the scrapbooking party.

All right 5 for 5 today.


New Purpose March 19, 2006

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Everyone knows I’m mad OCD and now my weight is my new victim so here is a way for me to stay organized/motivated with my exercising. There once was a time I would not exercise less than 5 days a week. I also will post my goals for the day here so I can keep up with them and not let my ADD take over. Yes I am a psychiatric nightmare lol. On top of that I have some gnarly nocturnal problems such as night terrors and sleep eating. I thought I stopped sleep eating but Scott things I am doing it again. When I lived home I did it a lot. I must be somewhat coherent when I am doing it because I only eat cereal at night and I don’t eat in the kitchen. I bring it back into the bedroom. When I lived at home I only caught on after I woke up a few times with dishes in my room. The reason why I think I am doing it again is I found some stains on the carpet leading up the steps which leads me to believe I spilled something while bringing it up to eat. Anyhoo here are tonight’s goals. AND I CAN ONLY DO THESE NOTHING ELSE NO STAYING UP ALL HOURS TO FINISH OTHER SHIT

1) Put away the clean laundry

2) One short Firm exercise DVD
3) Schoolwork
4) Finish ironing my curtains