The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

The word of the day is… February 17, 2006

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Tax lien. Yes as in a 16 year old tax lien that is on Scott from his Colorado days that we have to get straight before OHHHHHH next Friday or we can’t have the house and we lose our money. Everything his dad touches turns to shit. I hate his dad. I now officially hate two people in the world. Tony and Ben. It’s funny that they both are men! Scott’s dad, Ben, told him that he took care of everything when Scott moved to MD. Scott had a townhouse in Colorado. As you all know Scotty was a little wild in his younger years. When he tells me stories I just think gee when I was 21 I was on a whole different page then you were. But regardless…. He only moved out here because his life was in shambles where he was living. There was a jealous guy who tried to kill him (over a girl that Scott didn’t even date) and some one who broke into his house and destroyed it. They took a sledgehammer to his kitchen cabinets. Busted down his walls. He was only 21 when all of this happened and he was actually growing out of the wild era. Anywho.. Scott came home to find his house destroyed and got scared. He stayed with a friend for a few days then his dad suggested he move to MD. That was in August of 91. Now the house was in Scott’s name, but his dad told him he was transferring ownership to him and taking care of the house. Scott just found out that he gave Power of Attorney of the house to his Uncle Don, which Scott never knew until I looked up the public records. I love looking stuff up. Be afraid…be very afraid… I can find all types of shit on almost anyone. I’ve done it many times and since I was studying to be a lawyer I know lots of tricks… I wish I could do that for a living. Look up people and look up dirt on people….. Back to Ben. He didn’t transfer ownership until 92 which leaves a whole year that no taxes were paid. I don’t even know what the liens were for but I need to get this straight or I’ll lose my mind.


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