The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

The countdown…. February 15, 2006

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9 days until I close on my house. Life will be grand! Maybe some of my stress will subside. Who fucking knows? On a happier note, the class that I believe is the work of the devil, aka statistics, is finished and I took 2 weeks off of school to work out the move. Oh and I officially quit dance on Monday. I haven’t called Adrienne, and she is probably bitching, but that is her nature. The 9th was her birthday and I thought everyone was going out to celebrate. Me being well me always the last to know whats going on due to my hellish life, decides not to call her and wish her a happy birthday since I was expecting to see her in the evening….well I talk to Sarah and Gina and Adrienne bailed. Christ only knows. It’s her birthday. And Adrienne probably secretly hates me now and is having one of her Oscar winning tantrums. She is a whiny bitch when she doesn’t get her way. Gee it must be nice to just teach dance and go to school.. to take dance classes. The bitch hasn’t a clue about life. Her soon to be husband showers her with gifts and buys her everything. I am not even sure how she is going to college. Probably money she saved since she doesn’t pay for anything. I am hoping reality bites her in the ass soon. She and Paul just bought a house and maybe she will realize that life does not revolve around her and that a BGE bill is more important than a 150 pair of jeans. Whoo I guess I’ll tell ya how I really feel lol. Her life irritates me maybe because I am jealous. I always had to work for everything. I never looked for a needy guy who just wanted to pay for everything and shower me with gifts. My philosophy was I make my own money I don’t need yours. Go Women’s Lib. Jesus I am a bitter person. Maybe that’s why they put me on so many meds to calm my shit down. Anyhoo… Countdown until I have my MBA 2.5 years. Undergrad is only a few classes to go. I have to take a few gened classes over the summer through CCBC in order to fulfill a few requirements then finish up with my core classes. So I should be done around Christmas/New Years if I play my cards right. I am getting ready now to go to hell or as many of you call it work.


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