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Moving and other stress related issues February 10, 2006

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I think that stress can make you fat or not loose weight. I know it sounds crazy, but I believe it. My life is stress. No question about it. I really am nuts lately. I work too much- but the good side is due to a change in an IRS tax law, my job is now eligible for overtime. Sweet ass. I move in 2 weeks exactly. Not packed at all. My real estate agents drive me nuts. They call me at work 500 times a day. Why me? Couldn’t Scott take their frivolously retarded calls? And one of my agents keeps referring to me as “girl” For example a voice message… Hey girl it’s Carmelina. I just wanted to say hey and girl I know your stressed but girl we’re almost done……” Right so I listen to that all day. My deposit bounced because I made a very bad decision. I held off on making my car payment for a week because I didn’t have the cash on hand. Now I was told that my deposit check for the house wouldn’t be cashed until settlement. So I took a risk. I had a ton of money in my checking account. I payed my car because Chrysler is so anal if you don’t pay on time they call your ass like the next day. My dad is on the account so I could get the 0% financing and well they called him. And my dad gets to talking to me in a disappointed tone then says well this better not mess up my credit. So I have that to deal with. Now I have my mortgage closer calling me requesting all kinds of retarded information. They need a letter of explanation for some job I had a few years ago but I didn’t stay there very long. Same thing with Scott. They had an old job he did for like one summer. Holy Shit what is the big deal. Then I have Scott giving me shit. Why do they need that? blah blah blah. I was like I don’t know but we won’t get the loan if we don’t do it! Then the fuckface said to me “I’m your husband. You’re supposed to be my wife. When I ask you to do something I expect you to do it.” I think I wanted to stab him in the eye but from the look I gave him he was like “I didn’t mean it that way. You just always have to argue with me. Technically yes, but it’s because I’m right and I know what the fuck I am talking about since I am in charge of everything. He gives me this shit that he is tired and works so hard. Jesus I think I work just as many hours as he does. I mean obviously I do. We carpool to work. We arrive and leave together. So I have his grouchy ass to deal with. I am trying more than anything to just lose a few pounds. I’m even doing a new exercise/dance class. It’s called Xpose fitness. Basically it’s an exotic dance class with pilates and yoga incorporated. They even have pole classes! Which I will be taking in a few weeks. I want to do the chair/floor class for a while. You even have to wear platform boots while doing it. There is this one move where you sit sideways on the chair and lean back while slowly kicking and peddling your feet. It’s great. Now speaking of dance I have so much shit going on with school the house work the shows that I can only go so much. I know they are all bitching about it but I also know that I am paid in full for the entire year and have been since October so they would never kick me out. Plus the fuckers begged me to come back so I did. Not next year. …..And school 10 weeks of concentrated statistics classes. Not just the math, but we have to come up with our own formulas and problems and research topics then test the hypothesis blah blah…. it’s over Monday and I will never see statistics again until grad school. I gave myself two weeks off school so I can concentrate on moving. I want to go lay in a hot tub and soak…………


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