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The Tony and Christine Story—*This could be a movie* January 11, 2006

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I don’t know if anyone remembers, but about 5 years ago before I met my husband I was dating a man named Tony. Well, Tony worked with me for about a year and we were always friends. We took breaks together and chatted a lot. That summer, of 2001, he told me that he and his wife were separating. At that time I was still with my high school sweetheart and had no intention on dating Tony. Well, the Eddie story is another chapter, but the long and short of it is Eddie could never hold a job and always bummed money off of me. I paid for his college and everything! In October Ed lost yet another job and I gave him a 2 week ultimatum that if he didn’t get a job in 2 weeks it was over. 2 weeks came, he didn’t think I was serious, and I dumped him. Then Tony waltzes into the picture.
It’s October now and according to Tony he’s been separated for about 5 months. He didn’t even wear his wedding ring anymore. Tony asks me out and I comply. I totally adored him, we were friends and now I had the chance to be with him. It started of very well, but as it progressed it turned into shit. For example, Tony and I would meet up a lot on Sunday’s because I worked days and he worked nights and my Saturdays were pretty booked. He stood me up 16 times during our relationship, but always with good reasons. Kids are very sick, hit a deer, dad is sick, the list goes on and on. I always tried to be understanding and I was but he is the person who is responsible for making me an evil bitter person. Tony would always turn things around and make me the problem. “Why don’t you trust me. If you can’t trust me then that says something about yourself.” Things of that nature.
Anyhoo… Jump to November 2001 Thanksgiving. I was planning on going away with him to meet his family who lived out of state. Tony received horrible news that his brother was very sick and needed and emergency operation. While Tony was gone to visit his brother he calls me a few days later to tell me that his brother died. Naturally he was terribly upset. The next time I saw him we went to a restaurant and he cried and poured his heart out to me……….Jump to Christmas. Tony has 2 kids and I was supposed to spend Christmas with him….I even bought his kids presents. Not only did I never meet the kids but Tony never even gave me any Christmas presents. My mom even bought him gifts. Tony and I even went to the company Christmas party together..
Jump to New Years Eve 2001 going into 2002. His daughter is deathly ill in the hospital. He is nice enough to drag himself away from her death bed to visit me and my family. Jump to March 2002. Tony told me he had been living in hotels for quite some time because he was having a house built in Frederick and already sold his old house. He told me he didn’t have a land line because he didn’t have a permanent address yet. And I believed him. Well as time passed I began to realize the holes in his stories. I was friends with someone at work who was one of the warehouse managers and she told me that Tony did have a land line. Tony was the night shift manager and all of the warehouse managers had each others phone numbers in case of emergency. Carol told me she couldn’t give me the number but she would leave it on her desk and if I happen to see it and copy it down it would be on me. I agreed and called. When I called I got an answering machine. There was a woman’s voice on it. It was Tony’s wife’s voice. Of course Tony explained that one day while she was picking up the kids she did it for him because he hated his voice. Fine whatever.
Jump to May. Tony and I had just spent an evening together talking walking around a park. He and I always talked on the phone while we drove. He told me to hold on he had call waiting. What he didn’t know was he accidentally put me on three way with the other caller…who happened to be his wife Christine. He lied the whole time on the phone saying he went to the Orioles game with some guys at work and went out afterwards. Then he told her he loved her. I hung up infuriated knowing that he was playing me for 7 months and it took something as obvious as this to wake me up. He finally was fired from my company in May because he ran up $800 worth of cell phone bills for 3 months. The only good thing about Tony was he introduced me to Scott. If I never met Tony I wouldn’t have met Scott. Scott had been working at our company for about a year, but since he is a driver I never saw nor met him.
Tony was a piece of shit. He hurt me like no one ever did. I actually felt physical pain from the emotional pain I felt. He used me for sex and all his little fantasies. He took me at my sweetest times and made me into a nasty bitter person. He lied all of the time. He made me cry all of the time. I mean really for example how on earth do you not give your girlfriend any Christmas presents??? Or Valentines presents? I bought him a fucking star. You know how you can dedicate a star to someone. Yeah I did that for him…. He is so ungrateful and unthoughtful. I always felt that I was the problem because he made me the problem. It took a long time, lots of medication, and a lot of therapy to see my life is just fine and he is the asshole.
Jump to January 2006… I get a mysterious call at work from Christine Shackelford…his wife. She calls me and asks if I ever had an affair with her husband. I told her yes and no and gave her the whole story that he was my boyfriend an putting on this facade that he was getting divorced, blah, blah. Mind you the bitch is like 4 years late. I haven’t seen Tony in 4 years or talked to him for that matter. I don’t care about him and I’ve dealt with his bullshit. She is calling because she needed to know what went on because they are having marriage problems now and she thinks he is running around again and wanted to confirm her suspicions. I told her everything. I left out no details. Tony told her that I seduced her and it was a one time thing. Then I began questioning lots of his things that he did to me. For example his brother, the one who died, yeah he is still alive. And he never lived in hotels. He lived in Pasadena with his wife then moved to Frederick with his wife. The Christmas presents I bought the kids..He passed them off as gifts he bought. He lied and said the gifts that me and my family gave him were from coworkers. He even lied to his wife about loosing his job. I made a comment to her that I hadn’t seen him since he was fired and she was just confused. She said I thought he was laid off because the break point never opened….please. And here is the kicker. The star I bought him. He gave it to his wife for valentines day. What a fucking slime ball.
Now I’ve had 4 years to get over this. I don’t need to rehash any of this shit. Christine sought me out herself. She looked up Corporate Express’s phone number and asked for me. It was funny because when she called she asked for me by my maiden name and the receptionist was like she’s married now, which I’m sure Christine was really pleased about. And I’m sure everything that I’ve told her is really just confirming things, but she is right now just dealing with a drama that ended 4 years ago. She has been calling me a lot. The first call was to make sure Tony hadn’t tried to contact me. I was a little worried about that too especially after she told him everything that I did. Now the bitch wants to meet me. I told her I had old photos and my journal about what Tony did to me and she wanted to see them. At first I was like what’s the harm. I’m over it. But after some speculation I was like she is going to be a crazy bitch. You never know how a woman who has been cheated on will react. She is just dealing with this news. I’m sorry now she has my contact info. Plus if Tony finds out he will try to fuck with me. I am screening all of my calls that I don’t recognize because I don’t want to talk to her anymore. I am going to try to ignore her. I am not getting myself wrapped up in this drama. And what’s worse is Tony knows my husbands name so all he has to do is look it up in the phone book. We have a listed number. Tony may pop up here at work or at my house one day. It’s a good thing Scott and I carpool…..I just want all of this to go away. I always do that. I speak when I shouldn’t. Now I regret telling her and I’m afraid of what might happen in the next few weeks.


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