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My love there’s only you in my life….. October 18, 2005

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What is love? Many have pondered the thought, but few really understand the validity of this emotion. This feeling is usually confused with lust or longing. It’s easy to look at an attractive person and instantly feel sexual desire. Although love can involve sexual desire, that feeling alone blinds far too many people. That desire, or longing, often becomes the route of what our society believes is the true meaning of love. Men and women seek out partners based on their immediate responses. Often they are misguided and inevitably hurt. We are taught to trust our feelings, but how can we when they are fooling us?
Love is an emotion that will stand the test of time. It is taught to us as children from our families. We are taught to love ourselves and how to love others. That is the route of our emotions. As we grow older, we chose partners based on our innate feelings. If we were taught to love ourselves and to truly believe in ourselves, we can understand love. You will never fall in love with another person unless you love yourself. Subconsciously, you will never feel any person could love you, because you have no love for yourself. Your choices of partners will be based on the only feeling you can conjure- the instantaneous sexual desire. I know this because I was in this predicament. I had poor self-esteem. I never understood how to feel confident or how to love myself. Before you seek the love of another person, take time to find yourself.
Finding yourself and really loving yourself is not a quest easily completed. For some the journey will take years. Others may only spend a little while. That there is the true ticket to a lifetime of happiness. You do not need a boyfriend, girlfriend, job, money, or a fancy house to validate your worth. (Of course we all know having a stable life makes happiness much easier.) Being truly happy means understanding that life has ups and downs. Emotional recovery is key to your happiness. Being flexible, and learning how to deal with pain will make life’s trials and tribulations less difficult. Find yourself. Find true happiness. After that you will find true love. I know because I did and I was there. It took me a long time to become “me”. And I like who I am. I would never trade my journey, because I would never have reached this destination. And I would not be where I am now.


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