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More of my friends public so you can be jealous October 14, 2005

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Now that I have some more time and it is a decent hour, I can elaborate on more friendships that I treasure. I’m not going into my other friends who don’t even have livejournal.

One person I didn’t mention last night was my Tinystina Christina…. Although we live far away we share the same passion for music and travel. You are so beautiful and exotic and unique ok I swear I’m not gay…. Ok for you I am. You always remember little things, like sending me postcards while you are away. I like talking to someone who’s been through the same problems as I have. I remember when you said you had 4 caveties, I went to the dentist and guess what I had 4 too. I love you and I hope you find your true love as I did. Make sure he’s a rich doctor or something. That always helps for the clothes shopping!!

One friend that I love very much is my friend Tiffany. She is not on LJ but I have to just say she has been my friend since I was 6. She will do anything for me in a heartbeat. I remember playing Barbies with her and watching Nightmare on Elm Street movies. You know most little girls are afraid of Freddy but we loved him. We’ve had ups and downs. She is a true friend. Not a fake, like some people… She is loyal and loving. I am so proud of her and the life she has made. It is not common to see a traditional homemaker any more staying at home to raise her daughter. She does it really well and still gets to party every once in a while. I love ya girl!!

To my girls who have been through the eating and body problems that I have, I am here for you always to listen. I can only give my advice on what I’ve done or changed. You know I won’t lecture you. I can only give you my experiences. Stay strong. I hope everyone has happiness in their lives and finds what they are looking for.


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