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A rare but public rambling October 14, 2005

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I’m making this entry public because not only is there drama with my theatre friends, but drama in my other circle of crazy friends too. So as quoted by Holly “I’m two for two today wanna make it three?” Listen everyone theatre, Ed, exercise, high school, and just any friend of mine. Why are we friends? Think about it. Friends are spectacular when brought together, but when each person is alone they are only standard, ordinary, and adequate. Noone could ever be 100% perfect ever. I’ve learned that from everyone of my friends that each of us has something special we can either teach or learn. I will start with me. I am not ashamed of anything. I also, after lots of therapy and Welbutrin XL, (yes antidepressants or what I like to call “crazy pills/Happy pills,”) have learned that regrets are not healthy or useful. Ive learned so many things from all of my friends so I will list them…shortly. Before I do that, I want anyone who is involved in theatre, dance, or any type of close knit group to stop and listen for one sec. I didn’t start theatre until I was 21. I did dance productions and singing reviews, but never a stage show. Theatre is the best way to learn who you are. You wont learn it through some spiritual journey that involves buddist chants. You will learn it from everyone who is part of the production team. I’ve always known this, but not until recently, Nunsense, did I realize how it applies.

Nunsense is a great show not because of me or any cast member alone. It is the teamwork involved in the production. I’ve learned just as much from the cast and crew as I’ve taught or they’ve learned from me.

Nunsense (in no particular order)=

Kasey- I always thought that I could sing as well as you, but I realized we sing so differently that we can’t even compare. I am glad that you sing the lead in “Hollier than thou” rather than me. Eventhough you were reluctlant to sing it “with soul” you do it well. You shine in this number and I want you to know that you are channeling something special. This number differentiates you from any other song. In your next competition sing this song or another hymn. This is your strong point. I always thought I was the “soul sistah” just because that is how I sing. Big loud and from my chest. Be proud that you can sing anything from a ballad to a Gospel song. Plus you’ve really impressed me. I knew you weren’t a dancer and that dance in general was not your stong point. After seeing your dancing in Nunsense I know you have the natural rhythm that most people can not every aquire. If you ever go on tour you can easilly pick something up and be a star. I wish you would take some traditional dance classes. You’ve got the natural skill-especially at tap! If you busted out some dance classes you wouldn’t be a triple threat- you would be a quadrouple threat! Trust me! I have been dancing forever! I see what you can do and if you took a class you would see dancing in a whole new light!

‘Nessa- I have always admired how you know everything about any show. You know how to run everything, fix anything, and “Oh by the way” know how to star in a show too. Your are the most well rounded theatre person I know. Bring your confidence up a little though. You sing very well. You dance very well! You can change a stage light faster than a speeding bullet! You have the knowlege that I could never imagine. You see the big picture of a stage production and know all the ins and outs. Use that knowlege girl to your advantage! You will kick ass! I see it now. You will be the stage, light, costume, and sound designer of a broadway show plus feature in a broadway show. I have so much faith in you. Take what you know and use it. You will do so wonderfully. Also, did I ever tell you how proud I am of you? I was so scared that you would hurt yourself on pointe. All I could think was “Oh shit she will break her ankle” You preoved everyone wrong. Everyday I would see you practice and get better. During your number the crowd cheers! Ness you are so dedicated to anything you set your mind to. That is very admirable. You have a great career ahead of you. Go for it.

Suzie- There is nothing negative I could ever say about you. You are comedic and enlightening. I look up to you with your advice and stories. I’ve worked with you in pretty much all of my shows. I am so happy that you are singing “We’re Just a Coupla’ Sisters” with me. You have such a fun stage presence that sometimes I just laugh at our interactions. You also give good advice on life. You are honest but open minded. I feel that I can tell you anything and you will a) have the answer for me or b) know someone who can tell me the answer. I love when Vanessa is dancing on stage how proud you look when the audience clapps. It makes me so happy.

Lisa- You of all people never cease to amaze, shock, scare, and crack me up. You are inovative. Lisa, you taught me that being a good actor does not take great singing, or perfect acting. I’ve learned that just being entertaining and “cute” will win an audience. I was wrong about the things I said to you in the past. (Obviously I’ve told you that) and on top of that you proved to me that everything an actor does on stage is important, whether you are on stage the whole show or just a tree in the backgroung. I realized that Grease could not be the same show without Patty. I am happy that I was your Patty. Remember I am like a bad virus. You can’t get rid of me. I am here forever. Look at Godspell- ok understudy- boom now in the cast. Grease- syke you are Patty. Seeing you play Sister Amnesia is inspirational. I always felt so one-dimensional with my acting. I have always been the “Patty” of a show. I’m naturally a ditzy blonde and obnoxious. You proved to me that acting is entertaining and you can be whoever you want.

Jeff- (aks Jeffe (pronouced heffay)) Jeff you and I have shared a station since way back in the good ol’ days. You said something to me the other day that was really inspirational. You said- in reference to singing that my lower and upper range was really good but you weren’t sure what the hell I am doing with my middle. You were the first person who taught me to sing. Before you, I had bullshit voice teachers. They don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. You changed the way I sang. Granted I am tone deaf sometimes and it take me a lot of drilling, but you taught me to sing, not whisper. I loved bickering with you when we were practicing the “Drive In” I know that sounds crazy, but you actually work better under pressure. You were so irritated with me that you straightend me out-well as best as you could. I can’t wait to kiss you…wait…I’m married!

Joyce- I know we never were on stage together, but you have participated in pretty much everything I’ve done since I met the gang. You remind me of my mom. You are very business savy and business minded. You are dedicated to the theatre eventhough it wears you out and you do not make a dime. It is good to have someone like you to keep all of the crazy actors in line. You work hart to keep the shows booked. Without you we would not have an audience.

More Theatre…

Kristen- What can I say but I love you! I don’t care if you say to me eat a turd and you will sing better, because I will belive it. I admire your knowledge and your experience. You’ve done so many things I never could. Plus you are funny and sweet. You take something that is a criticism and turn it into a “tip” Melissa, you’re a little flat. You never say anything mean to me like Bitch you ruined our song by singing like hell. Plus you were always so nice to me when I first met everyone. That’s why you were my maid of honor.

Holly- I want to steal your voice. I am Ursula and you are Ariel. If I could pick a singing voice it would be yours. I am so jealous of you. I am so glad you are my friend. I also am so happy for you and Kristen. You will get into the NYU graduate program. You deserve it and you earned it. Not only that, you are the only woman who moans for my husband. He misses that by the way *wink *wink. Be proud of yourself. You have made it through college. That is not easy. You are also a phenomenal actor. Don’t give up. Graduate school is not a waste. It is an investment in your future.

Jordan- You are you enough said. I love how if you are mad, sad, happy, angry or neutral you can make me laugh. You know you rock at theatre. I don’t have to feed you that! I am so happy to have you as a friend-even if we do not see each other too often. One thing I love about you ….. If I look fat in a shitty frumpy outfit, you will tell me. And in a nice entertaining way. Good luck in life and congratulations on your engagement. Just remember, if you need any fiance advice I’ve been there. I can help out

Robbie- Ok Jordan don’t look at this…. Robbie you are so cute and intelligent. Wait am I hitting on you? lol. I will always remember your timman voice. It reminded me of a Brooklyn accent. Why- don’t ask- I’ve never lived in Brooklyn I just thought you did a fabulous job. You are also very versitile. I loved the drive in during Greese. You own the sound design world. I’m sorry we never did do lunch. My job is terminated Oct 21st. I won’t be in Hanover any longer 😦 So we may never do it…. Good luck with the wedding.

I have more to add but it is so late.

Remeber together we are all extrodinary

I love you all Kisses


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