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Now we’re in trouble…….

My party on Sat…. August 29, 2005

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Was a blast.  Thanks everyone for being there!  Thank you Sarah for organizing such a great party You’re the best I love ya!


My life… August 15, 2005

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I don’t know where to begin. My life is like a rollercoaster right now. I’m not depressed, not in any way for the first time in my life. I am so excited to get married. That has been a major hassle. First, the change of location, all of the dress problems, the tux problems, my weight gain, now….My wisdom teeth are coming in. All of this happened in the last month all which is less that 2 months before the big event. Now, I do like the new venue. Very classy and large enough to hold all of the guests. It just isn’t the same as what I originally wanted. As for my f’ing teeth. Why of all times are my wisdom teeth giving me shit. I’m really scared because my mom had major trouble with hers. Her wisdom teeth broke her jaw and she had her mouth wired shut for 6 weeks. That would suck bigtime!

I was looking at pictures and the blogs of my friends Jerry and Jen and their daughter Serena. That is a happy family. They don’t have a lot of money-their not poor though- they are just content. I love them so much. Now all of you know that I am hell bent on not having any kids, but looking at them makes me want to have a family….. I know I’m nuts. Now on the other hand after looking at Chris and Amy Scott’s old roommates I definately do not want to end up like them. Barely married already has one kid. Working on two in the fall. Chris works a million hours and is hardly home. Amy is so attached. She is lucky she is a teacher. She had the baby right before the end of school, got her 6 weeks, and all summer. I don’t know what the fuck she is going to do when she has to take him to a babysitter. They wanted to bring the kid to the wedding. I told them there is a no kid policy. I’m sorry I don’t want kids at my wedding. There will be a lot of drinking and I don’t want to be responsible.

I just don’t want life to revolve around working and making more money. I want to do something for myself. I want Scott and I to open our own version of Jaxx. Why can’t we have that? I wouldn’t even mind being the one out of the two of us to keep working our regular job so he can keep the place going and my job would be the “stability” and the health insurance. Why is it so difficult to do that? Scott is to scared to just get a loan and start up. I’m not. Maybe after we are married and we have a house he will reconsider.


Wedding Plans August 5, 2005

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As of right now the wedding plans are fucked.  I have no clue where we will be holding it right now…

I would like to thank my parents for making my life a living hell 43 days before the wedding.  Instead of moving the fucking thing learn some arbitration….maybe if you speak your case they will listen

More to come I hope at this rate it looks like it won’t happen…