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I think I’ll blog June 8, 2005

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I’m not very good at blogging, but hey I might as well do it.  I am really psyched about the audition I went to last night.  I rocked it out!  It is at the Fells Point Corner Theatre on S Ann Street.  It is something entirely different than I am used to.  It is a straight play as opposed to a musical.  And a comedy.  When I finished my reading the guy was really impressed and said it was a very good reading!  Monday however was a bomb.  I can’t sing for shit and when I get in front of Lisa I just choked.  Seriously, I was singing a song I know like the back of my hand and when Jeff started playing I blanked out.  I wanted to cry.  Actually I did on the way home.  I was just so pissed at myself.  I’m so bad in front of Lisa, and she’s my friend.  I totally wanted to be Glinda, but with the shit I gave her I will be a munchkin.  I made Jeff start the song over like 5 times so I could remember the first line.  Which I never did until Lisa started singing.  After I got that I sang the shit out of it ,but Lisa will probably cast Holly.  Who knows?  I just want to be in Oz.  Lisa and Jeff do the best Oz and I’ve never done it.


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