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Boy what a weekend February 27, 2005

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I thought I would update everyone on my weekend. It hasn’t been too plesant, but I made it through. It all began Friday evening. I spoke to Scotty around 5:20. I leave work at 5:30, my usual time. At 5:35 I get a text message saying “Hurry please, I’m having some serious pain. Something’s wrong.” I called him and he was moaning and crying. He was having pains in his side and back area. When I got home, he was laying on the bed in the fetal position crying and moaning in pain. I called his doctors after hours and they told me to call an ambulance. We get to the hospital and the ER is packed. We waited in the waiting room for 3 hours. Meanwhile, Scott is still in severe pain. He lost like all color in his face and skin. We finally get a room in the ER. They gave him some strong drugs. They hook up an IV to flush him with fluids and then they say that they are coming right back to do a Kat Scan on his kidney and abdomen area. Well it was more like over an hour we waited. Scott actually felt relief so he slept most of the time. Finally he gets his Kat Scan. Then we wait for the doctor. It’s now almost 2. The doctor comes back and said he passed a kidney stone. The saw the abrasions in his kidneys, but no stones. Scott said well no I didn’t because I’m sure I would remember peeing out some stones and the pain! So the doctor just wanted him to give a urine sample and we could go. Wonderful it was now almost 3. Scott did his urine sample and out came the stone. He was so well medicated, though that there was no pain. So now he has to take the stone to his regular doctor and get checked out. We finally got home at 4 on Saturday morning and got to bed at almost 5. Thank God the show was cancelled because I know I wouldn’t make it. I didn’t even go to dance later in the day. He and I slept in until 3. Well when we woke up Scott now has some type of flu. Well 90% of the hospital was there because their flu got too bad or turned to pnemonia. Jesus! So now I check his temperature. It’s 102. Great he gets to be more sick. He’s been in bed and his fever won’t break. I keep pumping him full of fluids, but I don’t know! He’s so heavily medicated but the fever won’t break. I probably will have to take off work tomorrow to take him to the doctors. His is in Annapolis and he has been complaining about dizziness. Well other than Scott having his sick issues, Saturday night after Scott went to bed I went to Howl at the Moon down at Power Plant. It is the most awesome bar. It is a piano bar. They take requests and tips. Whoever tips the best gets their song played. They have dueling pianos and a little “mini band” I definatly reccomend it. I freaking spent $80 there, but that is because I bought 2 of the buckets. The buckets are $20 and they are the size of little sand buckets for the beach. They dump a bunch of straws in it and we all shared. We shared 4 of the Long Island Ice Tea buckets. Then I had 4 beers on top of that. Thank God for me not driving for once. I totally recommend the bar, but it is a little pricey. It’s not something you can do all of the time. I came home and Scott still was not sleeping well so my drunk ass was taking his temperature and putting a cold rag on his head. Today he was still sick, but worse. His temperature went up for most of the day. I even went out at 10 to get stronger medicine for him. He slept most of the day while I went to my old dance teacher’s baby shower. It was fun for a baby shower. She liked my gift a lot. Tonight, I can’t sleep as usual. I am too worried about Scott’s fever. I don’t know how high it has to be before I worry about it. It hasn’ been higher than 102.3.
On to my diet/exercising. I just got Tae Bo Flex. It rocks. It is the best Tae Bo so far. I’ve been pretty dilligent with the Tae Bo since I got it. My eating has been eh. It’s the weekend. I really didn’t eat at all on Saturday. I had a bowl of cereal and 6 pieces of sushi. Today I had a little bit of sausage and peppers at the baby shower, a bowl of soup, a skinny cow ice cream, and a bowl of cereal with skim milk. Life will be better.


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