The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

February 23rd, 2005 February 23, 2005

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Hey at least it’s not 2 like my usual updates. I am just really wound up tonight and I can’t sleep, therefore I am browsing the net. I keep flip flopping between here and Myspace. Some of my friends are real My Space freaks. They live on that board. I’m sorry if I don’t update or check it but once a week. I’m not very big on it. I just completed my Tae Bo Flex Dvd. It is a good work out. I swear to God I will not look like shit this year in my costumes for my recital. I have been dancing for 20 fucking years and been in like a million performances and every year I say Oh I will be thin for the recital. And it never happens. This being my last year with the kiddy recital/lessons bullshit I want to at least look good. It never happens so why bother now right. Christ 20 years dancing and always the fat dancer. It blows a lot! I am really over dancing at Eastwood. I love my friends but I am getting nothing out of it and I’m wasting money. If I am going to pay for lessons and costumes and any other crap, I want to benefit from it. I want a master tap/jazz instructor. I’m done with ballet, well at least my right ankle is. It’s funny some days I can be on pointe for hours. Lately its only been able to take it for like a minute. Scott thinks it’s the weather fucking with it. I just want to dance and dance my best. I can’t learn or perform with kids who come to class whining about their lives and who don’t even have any skill. Plus I am a lot older than they are..I’m older than both of the instructors so what does that tell you. I’m not knocking Adrienne and Melissa. They are both very good. They just have a shitty crew of students to work with. When you get to the point I am with dancing, you don’t want to waste your entire Saturday with a bunch of turds like that. I actually think that my dancing had worsened this year from it..Is is possible? I mean I don’t tap with Audrey any more for the sheer fact I took her class consistantly for 5 years and each year the price went up and up and up. Money’s been tight until recently so why waste my time with a class that does NOT benefit me? I went to stay sharp on my technique and keep my feet moving. I learned a little my first year, but it’s at the point where she can’t teach me any more. I need a new tap teacher. A serious one that will kick the shit out of me. I don’t want to waste money on studio or college teachers. I could probably teach for a studio or college. I want a real pro…On that note Sarah and I are trying to see Savion Glover in May when he is here with his bad self. I can’t wait. He is my idol..well Gregory Hines was my first and now he is gone so Savion will suffice. AGGHHHH
I’m starting to do it again the crazy obsessive shit so I will try to ignore it and maybe it will go away………………………………


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