The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Maybe I should update… February 15, 2005

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I am sitting here at work in a cough medicine induced haze. I have been sick since I woke up on Sunday. I laid in bed for 48 hours. I think the only reason I am here at work is because I was getting bored at home. In addition to a fun chest cold I am burning up. I can’t keep cool and I’m starting to break out in hives????? I’m not sure what this is on my face. Well let me recap the weekend. Thursday night, ladies night, ladies drink for a dollar at Tullys. Yes it was my usual crew and we were doing a little drinky drink. I had a good time. Friday night began with Igua Cantina’s Ladie’s night Ladies get in free and drink free. It sounds like a wonderful plan, but it really wasn’t. I guess now that I am engaged I have no reason to be in a place like that. It’s not only that. I go out a lot, but the atmosphere here was skeezebag central. I was wearing way to many clothes and none of them either showed my body parts or were so tight you could paint them on. There are no seats at all. I stood with all the other hoebags while I just chugged my free drinks. Plus they must have had ESPN 8 “the ocho” on because there wasn’t anything on the TV. I am a girl who loves to go out and dance, but guys now a days think dry humping your ass is the coolest dance move. I got real tired, real fast of sluts spilling their drinks all over the place. I took a cab home. Scotty drove us all there, but Sandy and I split the price for a cab. She said she felt guilty being out. She has a little girl, so I guess it can be hard. The best part of this night was the extreamly hot bartenders doing a little strip dance ontop of the bar and pouring shots down my throat. That was nice. I almost stayed just to see an encore. Saturday I went to dance (yippee, not) I am countint down the days until I am free. After that. Scotty and I went to see the Odd Couple and it was super funny. We hung out with Kristen afterwards until like 3. Kristen is now my maid of honor, but shhhh don’t tell any of my bitchy friends. We also were talking about where to have the wedding. I really like the idea of renting the theatre… that is if we are allowed. The idea is sorta up in the air. Scott is all about that though. He said he likes the idea of us getting married in the theatre better than anything else he’s heard even the cruise!!!! I actually would love it too. We will see. Well the rest of my weekend was held in bed where I slept. Until now where I am at work. Oh for V day Scotty gave me flowers and about a week ago he gave me a gift to have at work for Valentines day. He’s going to get me a new cell phone too. I love him and I love being spoiled!!!!


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