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Boy what a weekend February 27, 2005

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I thought I would update everyone on my weekend. It hasn’t been too plesant, but I made it through. It all began Friday evening. I spoke to Scotty around 5:20. I leave work at 5:30, my usual time. At 5:35 I get a text message saying “Hurry please, I’m having some serious pain. Something’s wrong.” I called him and he was moaning and crying. He was having pains in his side and back area. When I got home, he was laying on the bed in the fetal position crying and moaning in pain. I called his doctors after hours and they told me to call an ambulance. We get to the hospital and the ER is packed. We waited in the waiting room for 3 hours. Meanwhile, Scott is still in severe pain. He lost like all color in his face and skin. We finally get a room in the ER. They gave him some strong drugs. They hook up an IV to flush him with fluids and then they say that they are coming right back to do a Kat Scan on his kidney and abdomen area. Well it was more like over an hour we waited. Scott actually felt relief so he slept most of the time. Finally he gets his Kat Scan. Then we wait for the doctor. It’s now almost 2. The doctor comes back and said he passed a kidney stone. The saw the abrasions in his kidneys, but no stones. Scott said well no I didn’t because I’m sure I would remember peeing out some stones and the pain! So the doctor just wanted him to give a urine sample and we could go. Wonderful it was now almost 3. Scott did his urine sample and out came the stone. He was so well medicated, though that there was no pain. So now he has to take the stone to his regular doctor and get checked out. We finally got home at 4 on Saturday morning and got to bed at almost 5. Thank God the show was cancelled because I know I wouldn’t make it. I didn’t even go to dance later in the day. He and I slept in until 3. Well when we woke up Scott now has some type of flu. Well 90% of the hospital was there because their flu got too bad or turned to pnemonia. Jesus! So now I check his temperature. It’s 102. Great he gets to be more sick. He’s been in bed and his fever won’t break. I keep pumping him full of fluids, but I don’t know! He’s so heavily medicated but the fever won’t break. I probably will have to take off work tomorrow to take him to the doctors. His is in Annapolis and he has been complaining about dizziness. Well other than Scott having his sick issues, Saturday night after Scott went to bed I went to Howl at the Moon down at Power Plant. It is the most awesome bar. It is a piano bar. They take requests and tips. Whoever tips the best gets their song played. They have dueling pianos and a little “mini band” I definatly reccomend it. I freaking spent $80 there, but that is because I bought 2 of the buckets. The buckets are $20 and they are the size of little sand buckets for the beach. They dump a bunch of straws in it and we all shared. We shared 4 of the Long Island Ice Tea buckets. Then I had 4 beers on top of that. Thank God for me not driving for once. I totally recommend the bar, but it is a little pricey. It’s not something you can do all of the time. I came home and Scott still was not sleeping well so my drunk ass was taking his temperature and putting a cold rag on his head. Today he was still sick, but worse. His temperature went up for most of the day. I even went out at 10 to get stronger medicine for him. He slept most of the day while I went to my old dance teacher’s baby shower. It was fun for a baby shower. She liked my gift a lot. Tonight, I can’t sleep as usual. I am too worried about Scott’s fever. I don’t know how high it has to be before I worry about it. It hasn’ been higher than 102.3.
On to my diet/exercising. I just got Tae Bo Flex. It rocks. It is the best Tae Bo so far. I’ve been pretty dilligent with the Tae Bo since I got it. My eating has been eh. It’s the weekend. I really didn’t eat at all on Saturday. I had a bowl of cereal and 6 pieces of sushi. Today I had a little bit of sausage and peppers at the baby shower, a bowl of soup, a skinny cow ice cream, and a bowl of cereal with skim milk. Life will be better.


February 23rd, 2005 February 23, 2005

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Hey at least it’s not 2 like my usual updates. I am just really wound up tonight and I can’t sleep, therefore I am browsing the net. I keep flip flopping between here and Myspace. Some of my friends are real My Space freaks. They live on that board. I’m sorry if I don’t update or check it but once a week. I’m not very big on it. I just completed my Tae Bo Flex Dvd. It is a good work out. I swear to God I will not look like shit this year in my costumes for my recital. I have been dancing for 20 fucking years and been in like a million performances and every year I say Oh I will be thin for the recital. And it never happens. This being my last year with the kiddy recital/lessons bullshit I want to at least look good. It never happens so why bother now right. Christ 20 years dancing and always the fat dancer. It blows a lot! I am really over dancing at Eastwood. I love my friends but I am getting nothing out of it and I’m wasting money. If I am going to pay for lessons and costumes and any other crap, I want to benefit from it. I want a master tap/jazz instructor. I’m done with ballet, well at least my right ankle is. It’s funny some days I can be on pointe for hours. Lately its only been able to take it for like a minute. Scott thinks it’s the weather fucking with it. I just want to dance and dance my best. I can’t learn or perform with kids who come to class whining about their lives and who don’t even have any skill. Plus I am a lot older than they are..I’m older than both of the instructors so what does that tell you. I’m not knocking Adrienne and Melissa. They are both very good. They just have a shitty crew of students to work with. When you get to the point I am with dancing, you don’t want to waste your entire Saturday with a bunch of turds like that. I actually think that my dancing had worsened this year from it..Is is possible? I mean I don’t tap with Audrey any more for the sheer fact I took her class consistantly for 5 years and each year the price went up and up and up. Money’s been tight until recently so why waste my time with a class that does NOT benefit me? I went to stay sharp on my technique and keep my feet moving. I learned a little my first year, but it’s at the point where she can’t teach me any more. I need a new tap teacher. A serious one that will kick the shit out of me. I don’t want to waste money on studio or college teachers. I could probably teach for a studio or college. I want a real pro…On that note Sarah and I are trying to see Savion Glover in May when he is here with his bad self. I can’t wait. He is my idol..well Gregory Hines was my first and now he is gone so Savion will suffice. AGGHHHH
I’m starting to do it again the crazy obsessive shit so I will try to ignore it and maybe it will go away………………………………


Maybe I should update… February 15, 2005

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I am sitting here at work in a cough medicine induced haze. I have been sick since I woke up on Sunday. I laid in bed for 48 hours. I think the only reason I am here at work is because I was getting bored at home. In addition to a fun chest cold I am burning up. I can’t keep cool and I’m starting to break out in hives????? I’m not sure what this is on my face. Well let me recap the weekend. Thursday night, ladies night, ladies drink for a dollar at Tullys. Yes it was my usual crew and we were doing a little drinky drink. I had a good time. Friday night began with Igua Cantina’s Ladie’s night Ladies get in free and drink free. It sounds like a wonderful plan, but it really wasn’t. I guess now that I am engaged I have no reason to be in a place like that. It’s not only that. I go out a lot, but the atmosphere here was skeezebag central. I was wearing way to many clothes and none of them either showed my body parts or were so tight you could paint them on. There are no seats at all. I stood with all the other hoebags while I just chugged my free drinks. Plus they must have had ESPN 8 “the ocho” on because there wasn’t anything on the TV. I am a girl who loves to go out and dance, but guys now a days think dry humping your ass is the coolest dance move. I got real tired, real fast of sluts spilling their drinks all over the place. I took a cab home. Scotty drove us all there, but Sandy and I split the price for a cab. She said she felt guilty being out. She has a little girl, so I guess it can be hard. The best part of this night was the extreamly hot bartenders doing a little strip dance ontop of the bar and pouring shots down my throat. That was nice. I almost stayed just to see an encore. Saturday I went to dance (yippee, not) I am countint down the days until I am free. After that. Scotty and I went to see the Odd Couple and it was super funny. We hung out with Kristen afterwards until like 3. Kristen is now my maid of honor, but shhhh don’t tell any of my bitchy friends. We also were talking about where to have the wedding. I really like the idea of renting the theatre… that is if we are allowed. The idea is sorta up in the air. Scott is all about that though. He said he likes the idea of us getting married in the theatre better than anything else he’s heard even the cruise!!!! I actually would love it too. We will see. Well the rest of my weekend was held in bed where I slept. Until now where I am at work. Oh for V day Scotty gave me flowers and about a week ago he gave me a gift to have at work for Valentines day. He’s going to get me a new cell phone too. I love him and I love being spoiled!!!!


10 min before lunch February 10, 2005

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Hey I have 10 minutes before I jet for lunch so I am going to aimlessly waste time updating my journal. It is like a freaking mad house here and it pretty much is like that every day. This is our busy season. It’s funny how slow we were around Christmas and now BAM! Jeeze! I do have to say that all this week I left work at 5:30 and didn’t stay late. I usually put in at least 10 1/2 hours. I have been too busy and yesterday I was exhausted! I went to bed at 9:00. I actually fell asleep on the couch while Scotty and I were watching a movie. It was ok though. I got up exercised. Cleaned up the place a little, then got ready for work. I forgot to pack Scott’s lunch and my lunch last night! I went and bummed food off of my mom and poor Scott is going to fend for himself. I think tonight I am going to Tully’s for a little while. I haven’t seen Tiff and Amy in a long time. Maybe Sarah will want to go. GRR I didn’t do my hair today though! I just let it air dry and pulled it up in a clip. Oh well who cares. I will just go like that. It’s casual there. I don’t know if I am staying all night. I may peace out at like 1. Wow this makes me feel better since I was all wound up from the bullshit here. Later gators


Insomnia February 3, 2005

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Well it’s that point in the middle of the night where the big question comes up…Do I stay up all night and force myself into a 48 hour sleep deprived day or do I take a 3-4 hour nap to satisfy my sleepiness? I read once that impressionistic painters would deprive themselves of sleep for days and when they finally collapsed from exhaustion their dreams would be so vivid and lucid like a bad acid trip. I hate dreams. I rarely have any that are amusing. Mine are night terrors. The kind of nightmare that you can physically injur yourself having and scream the most horrible blood curdling scream. The first night I spent with Scott I had one and it flipped the shit out of him. I think I scared Bastice too. Somehow during that event I managed to scratch my own back with my own fingernails and made myself bleed. Absolutely nuts. Thank God they have subsided for a while. Late night insomnia can make you insane. I have managed to scrape up all of Scott’s old memorabilia and return to my insane ways for a short while. Then I proceeded to look over my old journals, diaries and memories. I hate not sleeping. I watched Maid in Manhattan tonight. I walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes at 4 max incline. I did the usual exercises then I went mental on the arm and butt ones. I surfed LJ for a while. Now Bastice is sitting on my lap purring and kneading. She can be so cute. She is a weird cat. One minute she loves you the next you are under attack. AWE! Now she is licking me. Her claws need to be trimmed, but that is daddy’s job not mommy’s. I brush her. You have to realize this cat is bigger that most dogs. She is 20lbs. I don’t know. I need to rest. I am taking option B tonight. I will attempt a 3-4 hour nap.


Humpday February 2, 2005

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Good Mornin ya’ll… Well last night was so much fun at rehersal and then going out with Kristen, Holly, Jordan and Robbie…was a blast! We all sang karaoke. I think Lisa did make a good choice on all of the roles. Everyone is very tallented. Tonight is a music rehersal and since I am a swing I really need to be there to make sure I know what the hell I am singing.
This morning really blew though. I just barely left the house on time and to top it off there was a flippin accident on 97 right in front of my exit.

I could have just went on the shoulder to bypass the cop, but I decided against it. I was like a half hour late to work. I don’t think I am in trouble though. I called my boss and he didn’t say anything. Right now I am eating apple sauce and an orange. I think the sugar will give me a boost of energy, because sitting in my car forever just drained it.

I was just thinking how much I love my Scotty. I know I’m a dork, but it’s ok. I have never met someone like him. I am so proud of him too. He just got this online DJ gig. He is so thrilled. It is for an online radio station called Metal Mayhem radio. I think it’s cool, because the website he runs is called Metal Mayhem. That’s how he met the guy who runs the radio station. He was advertising on Scott’s. Scott is so excited. His timeslot is 2-4 on Saturdays. It’s like a real DJing deal. He was given the special software for his computer and on the website people can request songs. I love him so much. It’s such a shame that I went through that period when I was so depressed over…I don’t want to get inot it. It is sometime triggering and gets me down. If anyone really wants to know leave a comment here. It’s really pathetic and depressing, so beware. Anyway food so far

bowl of cereal skim milk
1/2 cup of apple sauce
1 orange