The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

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Lots of cool things happening January 25, 2005

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Last night Sarah and I went to the gym to work out. I like their treadmill better than mine because the incline goes way higher. It’s like climbing Mt Everest!! Sarah and I got to catch up and chat. I just found out that Lois and John are getting a divorce. It’s sad to see that happen. They got married on Valentines day and they really were good for each other. They do have quite an age difference (I know like Scott and I don’t) but they just had a baby and John still wants to be a young guy who goes out, while Lois is the mother and ends up staying home. Elton said they just stopped caring. I could never stop caring about Scott. I can’t imagine it… wow now I’m buming myself out. I was in a good mood. Anyway.. .last night at the gym Sarah and I talked. She told me about Matt and I really hope she has him out of her system this time. He is not worth her time. She is a good person and does not deserve to be treated like shit.
New topic. Thursday night is my last day at Dots and I am calling out. I know I am irresponsible but Oh well what are they going to do fire me???? Right. Sarah got advance tickets to see Hide and Seek and she picked up one for Scott and I. Scott is stoked. He loves horror flicks. I like them too..sometimes. I guess they are good when they scare me. It’s not blood, but ghosts and demons. Anyway after that I guess we will do the usual Tully’s Thursday and Scott is up for that. He isn’t going to work on Friday so he is up for going out. I may call out too. I know super irresponsible, but hey I have 18 sick days. And on top of that everyone in my department is out more than they are here. I’ve been here everyday for 3 months straight. Some people are out at least once a week or take extended lunches. Which is OK, we all have the time, but it’s my turn now!!!! HEHEHEHE Tonight Pop and Sherie are takine me, Scott, and Mom to my most favorite restaurant Nichi bei kai! I can’t wait. Well maybe I should work for a little while. Oh I almost forgot about the Bare Escentuals makeup that is coming for me in the mail along with my Mary Kay Satin Hands. I am so spoiled.. Food today. Bowl of cereal skim milk, 100 calorie pack cookies


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