The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Fuck Dots January 23, 2005

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Dots can go to hell for all I care. If you were given the option to
either come in or not, that means it’s your choice….Well not
according to Dots. I went into work on Wednesday after I got off of
work at my other job, my real job! I took a look at the schedule and
realized that my manager snuck me in for Friday. I told the bitch that
I had plans for Friday, but if they fell through I would work. She told
me that it was my choice if I wanted to work or not, but to call the
other manager on Friday to let her know if I was coming in. Well
Friday-yesterday rolls around. I made my call, but the assistant
manager was not there. It was some other bitch from another Dots. I
explained to her that my manager gave me the option to come in or not,
but she wasn’t hearing it. Plus the stupid kid who was supposed to work
that night just didn’t come in. No call. Nothing. She is famous for
doing that. She does it at least twice a month. I think my manager had
a feeling she would not show and put me in there to bail them out. I
went into work, pissed at the world, wrote my manager a note saying
that I was unable to work for Dot’s any longer and January 27th would
be my last day. I said I would honor my remaining schedule, but I could
not commit to anything else. Today I was scheduled to go in…I didn’t,
and not to mention there is close to a foot of snow on the ground too,
but still I didn’t call either. On Monday if I get questioned I will
say If you have a problem with it I won’t finish the week out or maybe
something a little more whitty such as Oh Christina was a no show on
Friday and I had to bail her ass out I thought she would return the
favor today. Fuck them to hell!! On Monday I might take my paycheck and
peace out. I am so through. Those sneaky bastards. Oh well it was nice
to be snowed in with Scotty I love him


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