The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Today is….. January 20, 2005

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Yeah today is Thursday. I have been doing OK I guess

Food so far

bowl of cereal w/skim milk- 6am

100 calorie pack cookies
2 pretzels – between 10-12

can of reduced fat chicken noodle-12:30
a few pieces of popcorn

I know its a lot so far, but I’m not eating dinner. I have a call back for Grease tonight!!! Yay!!!!!

That makes me really happy. I didn’t expect that and on top of it there are so many more talented people who tried out. I’m just psyched. I haven’t seen everyone in a long time and I missed it. I’d rather work at the theatre as my second job, than at Dots. And no I did not quit! I can’t do it. If I definatly get into Grease I will quit though. I have to! I have to work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. Tuesday I have a dinner I have to go to. Friday hmmmm nothing yet! If they call me and say I got in I will have to call my boss and work something out with her. Or maybe since it’s the first week of rehersal I can arrive a little late probably around 9? Oh jeez how do I get myself into these little situations?


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