The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Insomnia much? January 19, 2005

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Why can’t I ever sleep? I mean seriously. I never get tired when I go to bed, but I finally force myself around 12:30 or 1 then I have to get up at 6, but I’m still groggy……I should have called out of work today and slept. Ever since I began working here at CE, my department has always had at least one person gone. I think maybe it should be me in the near future. Who knows. Last night I came home, cleaned the house, and watched a little TV. I only ate a half of a can of soup and some reduced fat wheat thins. It was too late to cook or eat heavy. Sarah called around 9 and we went to the gym for about an hour. I ran on the treadmill for 30 mins, did crunches, arms, then I stretched my legs. I swear my hips are gone. I can’t even walk sometimes without the pain. And they crack and grind!!! I take a flexor supplement to help, but Jesus when will it?? The world may never know. Scotty just texted me and told me it’s snowing. I like snow. It’s fun. Well tonight at Dot’s I may grow balls and actually quit. I’ve been trying to for the last oh… month. We’ll see what happens.


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