The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

Monday Monday la la la la la la January 31, 2005

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Oh Whatever, I am just not in the mood to be here so I am updating my journal. It’s tough to go back to work after a nice long weekend. Any who. I can’t wait until I get my hair done. I need a trim like yesterday and color like tomorrow. I’ve been driving myself nuts pulling all of the loose ends and split ends off of my hair. AH it’s a nightmare. I will be rocking a new do’ pretty soon though. Tonight is laundry night oh joy! I have so much shit I want to wash and so limited time. I really want to wash my bed clothes too, but I may just change them. I love my flannel sheets though. I am defiantly doing the treadmill tonight 35 minutes on max incline. I gotta make my butt smaller!!! Every week I will up the time about 5 minutes until I can’t stand it. Then maybe onto pilates, but I am not very impressed any more with the DVD that I have. I like variety. I would really like a new tae bo dvd.

Food so far.
1 bowl of cereal with skim milk
1 pack 100 calorie pack cookies
1 orange
1 bowl of minestrone soup
I would have had a salad, but it tasted sour so I threw it away. Total points so far only 8! I have popcorn for later.


Wow…. January 30, 2005

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Good evening everybody it’s the one, the only Missy. Yeah well it’s not that great. My weekend began on Thursday, which was pretty kick ass. Scotty and I played hooky from work Friday so we stayed out all night on Thursday. That is a first for us. He never comes out on the week days. And on top of that he took off this coming Friday so we are going to do it again yayayyayayayyayay! Friday I just layed around for a while, then cleaned the house. I checked my voicemail and found out that I didn’t get a part in Grease, but they asked me to understudy. I was a little bummed, because I thought that I had a better shot, but there were lots of good people there and I know I suck compared to many of them. I am going to go to the first meeting to catch up with Lisa and see who I will be understuding and how many shows I will get. When I got into Godspell I only was a swing at first, but they already had about 10 shows for me so I was still excited…. I don’t know all of the details on this one yet so I will cross my fingers that I get a good number. Plus look what happened with Godspell. One of the original cast members could not commit and they asked me to fill in. I never in a million years thought I would get in Godspell, but I did. Grease on the other hand is the type of musical I thought I would be perfect for. I guess I could be good, but there wre about 50 who were better and they want the best cast they can get. I mean wouldn’t you? Anyway… I will be visiting the theater on Tuesday to see what the deal is on understuding and on top of that I think that on Saturday I will be up there to watch and tape Snow White, so I can learn the dances and the blocking. Saturday I had dance all day and next year it will end. The only way I will stay there is if they break it up into two days. (ex tuesday nights for 2 hours and saturday for 3) And today my lovlies I went to a Bull Roast where I drank like a fish and ate like a glutton. I am not going to cheat all week. Just salads and veggies. I need some more fruit too. Wow I feel like a bloated ass. I may have to go run on the treadmill for a little while.


Hide and Seek January 27, 2005

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Tonight, Scott and I allong with a whole bunch of our friends are going to the sneak preview of Hide and Seek. I am totally playing hooky from Dots tonight, but who gives a shit it’s my last night and I am calling in cough cough sick tommorrow at my real job. It’s so fun to hang out with everyone tonight. It is going to rock. I have to go now. I’ve got tons of shit to do.


Lots of cool things happening January 25, 2005

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Last night Sarah and I went to the gym to work out. I like their treadmill better than mine because the incline goes way higher. It’s like climbing Mt Everest!! Sarah and I got to catch up and chat. I just found out that Lois and John are getting a divorce. It’s sad to see that happen. They got married on Valentines day and they really were good for each other. They do have quite an age difference (I know like Scott and I don’t) but they just had a baby and John still wants to be a young guy who goes out, while Lois is the mother and ends up staying home. Elton said they just stopped caring. I could never stop caring about Scott. I can’t imagine it… wow now I’m buming myself out. I was in a good mood. Anyway.. .last night at the gym Sarah and I talked. She told me about Matt and I really hope she has him out of her system this time. He is not worth her time. She is a good person and does not deserve to be treated like shit.
New topic. Thursday night is my last day at Dots and I am calling out. I know I am irresponsible but Oh well what are they going to do fire me???? Right. Sarah got advance tickets to see Hide and Seek and she picked up one for Scott and I. Scott is stoked. He loves horror flicks. I like them too..sometimes. I guess they are good when they scare me. It’s not blood, but ghosts and demons. Anyway after that I guess we will do the usual Tully’s Thursday and Scott is up for that. He isn’t going to work on Friday so he is up for going out. I may call out too. I know super irresponsible, but hey I have 18 sick days. And on top of that everyone in my department is out more than they are here. I’ve been here everyday for 3 months straight. Some people are out at least once a week or take extended lunches. Which is OK, we all have the time, but it’s my turn now!!!! HEHEHEHE Tonight Pop and Sherie are takine me, Scott, and Mom to my most favorite restaurant Nichi bei kai! I can’t wait. Well maybe I should work for a little while. Oh I almost forgot about the Bare Escentuals makeup that is coming for me in the mail along with my Mary Kay Satin Hands. I am so spoiled.. Food today. Bowl of cereal skim milk, 100 calorie pack cookies


Fuck Dots January 23, 2005

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Dots can go to hell for all I care. If you were given the option to
either come in or not, that means it’s your choice….Well not
according to Dots. I went into work on Wednesday after I got off of
work at my other job, my real job! I took a look at the schedule and
realized that my manager snuck me in for Friday. I told the bitch that
I had plans for Friday, but if they fell through I would work. She told
me that it was my choice if I wanted to work or not, but to call the
other manager on Friday to let her know if I was coming in. Well
Friday-yesterday rolls around. I made my call, but the assistant
manager was not there. It was some other bitch from another Dots. I
explained to her that my manager gave me the option to come in or not,
but she wasn’t hearing it. Plus the stupid kid who was supposed to work
that night just didn’t come in. No call. Nothing. She is famous for
doing that. She does it at least twice a month. I think my manager had
a feeling she would not show and put me in there to bail them out. I
went into work, pissed at the world, wrote my manager a note saying
that I was unable to work for Dot’s any longer and January 27th would
be my last day. I said I would honor my remaining schedule, but I could
not commit to anything else. Today I was scheduled to go in…I didn’t,
and not to mention there is close to a foot of snow on the ground too,
but still I didn’t call either. On Monday if I get questioned I will
say If you have a problem with it I won’t finish the week out or maybe
something a little more whitty such as Oh Christina was a no show on
Friday and I had to bail her ass out I thought she would return the
favor today. Fuck them to hell!! On Monday I might take my paycheck and
peace out. I am so through. Those sneaky bastards. Oh well it was nice
to be snowed in with Scotty I love him


So… January 21, 2005

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I went to call backs last night. There was so much talent there. I really can’t compete with any of those girls. I will cross my fingers. Maybe I can be an extra or a swing if Lisa still needs me and I don’t make the cut. It was so nice to see my friends though. I hope I make it!!
On to other things I freakin am pissed at the corporate payroll fucks who can’t get my deductions right on my paycheck. This is the second time so next pay they have to take my deductions out 3 times. That’s $72 instead of just $24 a check. Bastards…..
Well so far today I’ve only had a bowl of cereal and skim milk. I’m getting a little hungary so I may just eat my oatmeal. I think I eat my breakfast too early. I eat at 6AM. I am going to try to eat when I get here from now on.


Today is….. January 20, 2005

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Yeah today is Thursday. I have been doing OK I guess

Food so far

bowl of cereal w/skim milk- 6am

100 calorie pack cookies
2 pretzels – between 10-12

can of reduced fat chicken noodle-12:30
a few pieces of popcorn

I know its a lot so far, but I’m not eating dinner. I have a call back for Grease tonight!!! Yay!!!!!

That makes me really happy. I didn’t expect that and on top of it there are so many more talented people who tried out. I’m just psyched. I haven’t seen everyone in a long time and I missed it. I’d rather work at the theatre as my second job, than at Dots. And no I did not quit! I can’t do it. If I definatly get into Grease I will quit though. I have to! I have to work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. Tuesday I have a dinner I have to go to. Friday hmmmm nothing yet! If they call me and say I got in I will have to call my boss and work something out with her. Or maybe since it’s the first week of rehersal I can arrive a little late probably around 9? Oh jeez how do I get myself into these little situations?