The Misadventures of Mr and Mrs Anubis

Now we’re in trouble…….

December 23rd, 2004 December 23, 2004

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It’s almost Christmas and I still have TONS of wrapping. I’m just really giddy about it though. I’m like a little kid. My dad is worse. He actually wants my fiance and I to spend the night at their house so we can all wake up and open presents together. It will be so much fun though. I know I’m in for a massive calorie overload though! My mom is preparing a country breakfast with every fattening breakfast meat possible. Then I have two Christmas dinners to attend. I’m telling you, after Christmas I am doing the master cleanse for at least 12 days. That is an excellent way to jump start the metabolism and clean out the colon. I have to be thin by February. I really need to be “OK” by January 18th. I have auditions for Greese in January and I want more than anything to try out for the Baltimore Raven Cheerleaders. That’s why I need to get thin. I’m totally cutting out all meat. I’m sticking to veggies and brown rice. The best way to do it. Lots of soups too. You know that tomatoe soup is the stuff!!!! Please my lovelies and my friends who are viewing my journal. Talk to me. These are my goals. I want to feel like I am a winner or I can acomplish something. Last night at my second job (I work 3 jobs. My main job I am a buyer, my second job I work for a clothing store, and my third job I work for a dinner theater)I saw two girls who I am much smarter and athletic and blah blah, but they both finished college and one finished her masters. Look at me! I can’t even finish my Associates Degree. All I want is to do what I love and be able to take care of my self. I want to dance, sing, and act. I love my theater I work for. I don’t want to be on Broadway. I want to stay at just left of broadway. I love them. I like being in Maryland and working the local theaters. I feel so wonderful. Please everyone. What makes you get energy and inspiration? What drives you to your goals. I feel if I begin a more regular posting I can document my goals. I love my friends TTYL!!!


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